Motorcycle program featuring Australian champion Kyle Middleton to headline first night of Newcastle Regional Show on Friday

Five-time Australian trials champion Kyle Middleton will headline the first night of the Newcastle Regional Show on Friday as part of a rejuvenated motorcycle program. 

The Newcastle rider will perform a stunt show at 8pm on Friday night in a new program that also features “Motoball” – a cross between motorbike riding and soccer.

Program designer Graeme Boyd, a well-known Hunter motorcycling identity from his Islington motorcycle store, said the program has a balanced mix of two-wheel action. 

“Kyle Middleton is without a doubt, one of the best motorbike riders in Australia,” Mr Boyd said.

“But not too many people in Newcastle know him. Trials is such a difficult thing to ride and the skill set required is unbelievable.” 

The stunt show will see riders traverse over cars, skip bins and concrete bollards in a technical and challenging course.  

Motoball is a concept previously seen in Europe, but is being tested at the Newcastle Regional Show for the first time. 

“If you can imagine soccer with riding motorcycles or minibikes,” Mr Boyd said.

“I’ve got a couple special team captains for that. One of those is Chad Reed’s nephew, Koby, and the other is Brock Parkes’ son.” 

Supercross champion Chad Reed is originally from Kurri Kurri, while Broc Parkes is a world endurance-championship rider. 

The young boys will lead two teams of five riders each and ride motorcycles around a modified soccer field. 

All of Friday night’s events will take place before the always-popular fireworks display at 9pm.