Meteorite in Newcastle prompts X-Files investigation

This is Mulder and Scully striding with purpose to investigate a strange unidentified flying object seen in the skies of Newcastle on Thursday morning.

To be honest, it was actually reported as a bluey-green meteor.

But Topics reckons one shouldn’t assume a flying object in the night sky is necessarily a meteor.

For this kind of thing, an X-Files investigation is required. Enter stage left, Fox Mulder and Dana Scully.

Of course, Mulder and Scully didn’t really investigate, but we wish they did.

But it’s true that Mulder was actually in Newcastle on Wednesday night.

Well, not exactly Mulder, but the actor who played him.

David Duchovny performed his music at Newcastle Exhibition & Convention Centre, which is also known – quite trendily – as NEX.

Herald music journo Josh Leeson wrote that the gig was bizarre but entertaining [just like an X-Files episode!]. Duchovny clearly had fun. He posted this tweet after the show: “Here’s a toast to you #Newcastle! Thanks for a memorable night!”.

With a dash of humour, while “toasting” Newcastle, he posted a picture of himself on a piece of toast. Seems Mulder has quite the dry sense of humour.

Earlier in the day, he also posted a photo of kite surfers at Nobbys, which 1500 people liked. Onya Mulder.

David Duchovny, aka Fox Mulder, on a piece of toast.

David Duchovny, aka Fox Mulder, on a piece of toast.

Mysteriously, there was no mention of meteorites or UFOs.

If anyone saw Thursday morning’s flying object, or any other UFO for that matter, let us know at

You know how we love a good UFO yarn.

Alien Invasion Movie

Speaking of UFOs, an alien film that stars Newcastle actor Zac Garred has had some good news.

Zac Garred on the set of Occupation.

Zac Garred on the set of Occupation.

The Hollywood press has reported that the sci-fi action movie has been picked up for a US theatrical release.

“This is massive for any film, let alone an Aussie film,” Zac said.

The film, titled Occupation, is set in the aftermath of an apocalyptic, intergalactic attack on Earth.

The remaining humans must band together to fight the invaders and help the human race survive.

The movie also includes actors Bruce Spence, Jacqueline McKenzie and Temuera Morrison.

The film’s director is Luke Sparke. Topics hears Luke was born in Newcastle and spent some of his childhood in Maitland. 

Zac, 30, who grew up in New Lambton, stars in the film as a homeless bloke named Dennis.

He recently told Topics that if Australia was invaded, he’d get his Mark Waugh cricket bat, wrap his Paul Harragon 1995 vintage Blues jersey around his shoulders and battle his way to his mate Dawso’s house.

“Maybe we’d recommission Fort Scratchley,” he said, adding that Dawso knows a thing or two about artillery.