Newcastle Herald Short Takes for March 6 2018

ANOTHER thumbs-up for coal fired power and the services that restored power supply to the Singleton area within hours after a typical summer storm swept through the valley Sunday afternoon. No diabolical South Australian loss of power for the valley. I think the hypocritical greens and do gooders take it all for granted

Brad Hill, Singleton

I DOUBT I'm alone in thinking the ABC has spent a lot of money to produce the most boring quiz game in television history. Whoever is behind the Think Tank format probably needs to do a major 'please explain'. I'm also assuming the trophy was designed by a group of people at the end of a night that involved a lot of alcohol and a pen and paper napkin.

Ann Ellis, Merewether

The Department of Defence can’t find money to compensate the Williamtown residents affected by their poor management but have managed to find money to become a sponsor of the Adelaide Supercars race after Supercars were unable to attract a naming sponsor. Once again it seems the old boys’ network is leading to taxpayers’ money rescuing a private company owned by millionaires.

John Hudson, Newcastle East

GO the Jets! Couldn't be there, I had to work. Great call, Aaron Kearney.   

Andy Conn, Newcastle

BEWARE, the phone zombies are coming to get you. They are walking aimlessly around you now. Looking down at their phones, these phone zombies cross busy roads and walk busy streets looking down at their phones. They ignore public safety and even drive with their phone zombies phones attached to them. Put down your phones, people. It is okay to walk without looking at them. It is okay. It is okay. 

Andrew Whitbread-Brown Cardiff Heights

TWO more bad polls and the knives will be out for Mr Turnbull. When he senses that a spill is imminent, I suggest he gazumps them and calls an immediate election. Win or lose. Don’t give then the satisfaction. They don’t deserve it.

Dennis Petrovic, Rutherford

I AGREE with Mike Sargent (Letters 3/3) that Australia needs a new national flag. I can't, however, agree that replacing the Union Jack with the Aboriginal flag would be a good idea. That flag would be even more divisive than the British colonial flag we fly now. A new design needs to be simple and unifying. We could do worse than look to Canada's beautiful maple leaf design for inspiration.

Peter C Jones, Rathmines

SO the Nationals are sticking by Barnaby. Whatever happens on the back bench, stays on the back bench.

Craig Swan, Kotara South


SHOULD Carrington and Stockton be directly joined by road?

Yes 85%, No 15%

DID you go to the Newcastle Show?

Yes 18%, No 82%


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