Short Takes March 9 2018

WITH a tax rise on tobacco on March 1, cigarettes rose 0.0188 cents per stick. A pack of 25s has gone up by $3 per pack at one place I visit. When questioned about the rise, I was met with "oh that's the government rise". Why are retailers ripping off the customer and blaming the government? The price of the pack I bought should have gone up by 0.47 cents, not $3.

Ken Godwin, Valentine

NEWCASTLE City Council, finish the light rail mess before you dig another hole in the mall. 

Brendan Mackay, Warners Bay

NOW we hear from Transport NSW that the Blue Mountains train tunnels need to be 'shaved' to allow the new 25% cheaper Korean wide trains to fit. Was the price of shaving the tunnels put into the equation when contracts were awarded? It sounds like someone from Transport NSW needs a lobotomy, not a shave. Unbelievable but typical.

Tony Lawler, Newcastle

TO Denise Lindus Trummel (Letters 7/3), I don't think people are too concerned if a few monstrous bums take part in a daily swim. Maybe the concerning factor could be if these monstrous bums were to all hit the water at once then we may have cause for concern.

Brad Hill, Singleton

YOU’VE gotta give it to Graham Arnold when it comes to excuses. He’s blaming the Sky Blues thrilling 2-1 loss to the mighty 10-man Newcastle Jets on the fact that Sydney had to play the whole game with an extra man! That’s the best one I’ve heard in a while!

Mac Maguire, Charlestown

SO we have sold the Snowy scheme to the other government. How long before they sell it on to someone else?

Mervyn Villis, Morisset

FROM newspaper reports (“Storm damage in matter of minutes”, Herald 6/3) it appears the power failure in Singleton last weekend was caused by storm damage to the distribution system. More than 98% of all electricity blackouts are caused by transmission or distribution problems. That power was restored within a few hours is a tribute to the distribution network's repair crews and not, as Brad Hill (Short Takes 6/3) thinks, to coal fired generation. It would have taken the same time regardless of the generation method used.

Ian Roach, New Lambton

THE people living in the red zone around Williamtown RAAF base deserve every bit of support and campaigning on their behalf that can be mustered. The deceit, secrecy, lies, misrepresentation and avoidance of duty of care not to mention being treated with a complete lack of respect that has been forthcoming from the government and the Defence Department, is a throwback to the old ways that our aborigines were treated in the early days. People need to be held to account for this before any more damage is done to those who have no option but to stay living in this cauldron of poison.

Allan Earl, Thornton


THURSDAY’S article “Pollies swap insults over bus changes” quoted a figure of 5.8 million kilometres. This figure related to the new routes and timetable, not the old ones as stated.


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