Short Takes: Monday, March 12, 2018

EXCITING game Knights, fairytale finish. Keep it up and we will all live happily ever after. Well done. 

Bill Slicer, Tighes Hill 

TO Denise Lindus Trummel (Short Takes, 7/3): I don't think people are too concerned if a few monstrous bums take part in a daily swim. Maybe the concerning factor could be if these monstrous bums were to all hit the water at once then we may have cause for concern. 

Peter Devey, Merewether

ZOMBIES are after brains. Don't worry, mobile phone using drivers, you are safe!

Charles Farley, Adamstown Heights

CAMPING might be more inclusive; glamping will be for the well-heeled (‘New day for Glenrock’, Newcastle Herald, 2/3). Normal families can’t afford to glamp. But it’s about money so bugger the rest. I really can’t see the need to do too much up there at all. Leave it be.

Mark Bowen, Broadmeadow

IN recent days’ NBN evening news during dinner time has screened an advertisement by Sportsbet revealing a naked man in a bathtub, presumably shaving his pubes. How can such a promotion be deemed appropriate and escape censure from those government and industry agencies allegedly responsible for the establishment of reasonable community broadcasting standards and the public interest? The distastefulness of the advertisement is only matched by the harms generated by the insidious, poorly regulated phenomenon of online betting.

Tony Brown, Newcastle

SIONE Mata'utia, a champion both on and off the field. After reading Barry Toohey's article in Thursday’s paper (‘Positive headspace’, Herald, 8/3), for such a young man, he has a very mature head on his shoulders and is very respectful of those around him. He understands the professional game and all that comes with it. Your mother has raised you into a champion, and I hope you have a long and illustrious career with Newcastle. Go the Knights!

Tony Mansfield, Lambton

CONGRATULATIONS. A great summary of the 16 NRL teams in Wednesday’s paper (Herald, 7/2) and the wonderful season preview (Herald, 6/2). I am very excited about the Knights’ 2018 season, helped and supported by the work of the Herald’s positive journalists. But no mention of the Premiership years for the Knights or Eels?

Elaine Street, Merewether

THE Americans wanting to go to extremes and arm teachers after the mass shooting in a Florida school simply escalates the problem. A solution might be to limit the sale of ammunition only to those who hold a licence. The availability of ammunition would have to be tightly controlled.

John McLennan, Charlestown

I AGREE with Graeme Macey (Letters, 8/3). To shoot defenceless animals takes no talent at all.

Paul Cullender, Bolton Point


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