Google will host Newcastle psychologist Dr Shane Pascoe for a talk on sleep

Google knows the importance of sleep. Just take a look at this sleep pod at the tech giant’s headquarters in Sydney.

If you sleep well, you work well. That’s the general idea.

If you’re not well rested, you might end up sleeping on the job. Google doesn’t want that. Nobody wants that. Except Homer Simpson and George Constanza.

Dr Shane Pascoe, a psychologist based at The Junction, is a sleep expert.

He co-authored the book, Sleep Better, and gives well-informed sleep advice to his patients.

This week, he’s heading to San Francisco to give a talk at Google as part of the company’s wellness program.

His talk will be livestreamed to Google’s 75,000 employees on Friday, which is World Sleep Day.

“Google has a strong and diverse program to support wellness for its Googlers,” Shane said.

Shane said the wellness program includes cooking classes, guitar lessons, on-site fitness centres, doctors, chiropractors, physical therapists and massage services.

Not to mention Google’s famous cafes and micro kitchens, which provide nutritious meals and snacks to keep employees healthy and energised.

But back to sleep. The topic we mean, not slumber.

How many hours should we get a night?

“That’s the eternal question,” Shane said.

“The World Health Organisation suggests eight hours.

“If we look at the general population, there’s a massive range. Some people sleep for three hours, some people sleep for 11 hours.”

Shane said getting five or six hours’ sleep was, for the general population, “a cut-off point for not having enough sleep”.

“We’ve got to make sure we’re not pressuring ourselves into worrying too much about not getting enough sleep.” 

Sleep is a process of letting go.

“It’s hard enough to try to calm your mind and body and get into a good routine, so sleep can happen.

“We don’t need the extra stress of thinking, ‘if I don’t get my eight hours, then I’m going to be wrecked tomorrow and not perform and then it’ll be terrible’.

“That negative expectation is something we can challenge. There’s been many times that we go to work without having slept a good night and we’ve gotten through.”

Thankfully, a bad night’s sleep can increase the likelihood of a good night’s sleep.

As for alcohol, he said it was highly problematic for sleep.

“Alcohol is useful for getting to sleep, but not staying asleep,” he said.

“The problem is the disruption. It might come from needing to get up and have a wee. It might come from snoring.

“If you’re drinking too much, there might be an increased likelihood of sleepwalking.”

Theories on why we need sleep include the need to conserve energy and go through a restorative process each day.

“It’s quite important in terms of brain function. It helps with learning and improves memory,” Shane said.

“When you don’t get enough sleep, you get a cascade of effects across your health.”

Seeing Double

Twin models Elisha and Renee Hebert will be in Newcastle for a meet and greet with fans on Sunday.

Twins Elisha and Renee Hebert.

Twins Elisha and Renee Hebert.

The teenagers are trendsetters [nowadays they call them style influencers].

They have a massive following on Instagram – Elisha has 762,000 followers and Renee 730,000 followers.

Topics reckons those figures might just spark a touch of sibling rivalry.

The twins will be at Civic Park in Newcastle from 11am to 3pm.

Twin models Elisha and Renee Hebert.

Twin models Elisha and Renee Hebert.

They’ll be camped in front of a pink double-decker bus, where they’re expected to be greeted by hundreds of fans.

The 18-year-olds promote the brands Benefit Cosmetics and Princess Polly. As such, fashion and eyebrow styling workshops will be held on the day.

Crowds will be entertained by a live DJ, given free samples and get the chance to win prizes.

One pair of BFFs [that’s best friends forever, we think] will get the chance to become the new faces of Princess Polly and Benefit.

Topics was thinking of rocking up with our bestie, but we decided against it. They’re probably looking for females. 

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