Elisha and Renee Hebert to appear at Civic Park in Newcastle on Sunday to meet and greet fans

Twin models Elisha and Renee Hebert will be in Newcastle for a meet and greet with fans on Sunday.

The girls are trendsetters [nowadays they call them style influencers].

They have a massive following on Instagram – Elisha has 762,000 followers and Renee 730,000 followers. 

We reckon those figures might just spark a touch of sibling rivalry.

The twins will be at Civic Park in Newcastle from 11am to 3pm.

They’ll be camped in front of a pink double-decker bus, where they’re expected to be greeted by hundreds of fans.

The girls promote the brands Benefit Cosmetics and Princess Polly. As such, fashion and eyebrow styling workshops will be held on the day.

Crowds will be entertained by a live DJ, given free samples and get the chance to win prizes.

One pair of BFFs [that’s best friends forever, we think] will get the chance to become the new faces of Princess Polly and Benefit.