Short Takes March 10 2018

GOOD on you, Sonia Hornery, for trying to find out the reasons why Roads and Maritime Services are lowering the 70km/h speed limit to 60km/h on a four-lane road from Wallsend to Hamilton (‘Driver data’s new speed key’, Newcastle Herald, 8/3) . Who are these people that make these decisions, and who's to say that going to 80km/h won't  improve it? I'll give the RMS a tip: if you want to stop car accidents, ban cars. We will be back to the horse and sulky soon, the way we are going! 

Gregory Grey, Maryland

NUATALI Nelmes (‘State action needed to fix Stockton erosion’, Opinion, 7/3): if the Stockton shore erosion was affecting Bar or Merewether beaches I believe you would've found the funding yesterday.

Michael Casey, Merewether

YOU’VE gotta give it to Graham Arnold when it comes to excuses. He’s blaming the Sky Blues thrilling 2-1 loss to the mighty 10-man Newcastle Jets on the fact that Sydney had to play the whole game with an extra man! That’s the best one I’ve heard in a while!

Mac Maguire, Charlestown

WELL said Graeme Macey (Letters, 8/3). I could not have said it any better myself. The only thing I would add is a brickbat for the Herald for publishing this nonsense in the first place. There is nothing heroic or mystical about an armed human being killing defenceless animals. And before anyone asks, yes I am a meat eater but I take no pleasure from the death of the animals I consume.

Greg French, East Maitland

GRAEME Macey (Letters, 8/3): deer, goats, pigs, rabbits, dogs and cats are all fair game as far as I am concerned. The art of responsible marksmanship and hunting should be taught in country high schools. I bet you have never seen a lamb ripped apart by feral dogs. There are always reports of farmers struggling through drought, but feral animals and the land degradation they cause, as well as stock loses, have hit crisis point. With all due respect, Mr. Macey, I have a suggestion: go west young man. Your Pitt Street greenie mates as well.

Steve Barnett, Fingal Bay

POOR Davey Warner likes to give it but cannot take it. And after behaving himself for quite a time. The old adage comes to mind: a leopard cannot change his spots.

Leigh Marr, Cessnock

PERSONALLY, I am heartily sick of women's day, women's lib, et cetera. I think that men are being degraded and it's causing division and suspicion between the sexes, especially in the case of men, who must feel that they are lesser human beings. Let’s bring on men's day, I'll be there with bells on. A real woman.

Robyn Burtinshaw, Nambucca Heads


SHOULD the state government proceed with faster trains between Sydney and Newcastle?

Yes, regardless of the cost 88.19%, No, we need the business case first 11.81%

SHOULD the NSW government step in to help solve the recycling crisis?

Yes 87.2%, No, it is a local council issue 12.8%


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