Amy Vee won the Studios 301 comp; now feels producing 'something really great' is all-important | photos, video

Amy Vee will be back in the studio this April to produce new music after winning the Studios 301 competition. Picture: Simone De Peak.
Amy Vee will be back in the studio this April to produce new music after winning the Studios 301 competition. Picture: Simone De Peak.

Two weeks ago Newcastle’s Amy Vee revealed she had entered the Studios 301 All Access competition, for an “outside chance” at recording at the illustrious and historic studio.

When she spoke about the chance to record her newest music at “one of the best studios in the world”, and how she was “stopping herself from imagining what she’d do if she won”, she had no idea she’d been selected.

Now, her mind can run wild with dreams of music production, new ideas and a number of days in April in Sydney’s Studios 301.

“I just never thought I’d win, I kept having to temper my expectations and tell myself that I probably wasn’t in with a shot,” Vee revealed, before pointing to all her friends and the community that had gathered around her in recent weeks.

“I couldn’t have done it without all the amazing people that have now been texting me and messaging all day and congratulating me. As much as winning is amazing, it’s also so cool to see how many people ‘have your back’ through it all.”

Vee, who hasn’t produced more than a few singles in recent years, will now turn her attentions to polishing off creative visions for her April recording dates, and is teaming up with producing regular Gareth Hudson to create some “brand new sounds”.

“It’s great that I can go back to doing all the stuff I love about music, all the creativity and creation,” she said. “I’ve spent the last few weeks focusing on getting people to vote, and telling them to check my songs out – I’m not very good at that side of things.”

The popular folk singer feels she should “return all the support the amazing people of Newcastle” gave her.

“I’ve got a few weeks before I go into the studio now, and I feel like because of all this support I want to make something ‘great’ to show them,” Vee said.

“It’s going to push me, and I’m looking forward to getting into the studios, playing with some new sounds alongside Gareth [Hudson] and seeing what we can do. It’s all so exciting.

“All of this has made me realise I’m not alone on this path – hundreds of people got behind me and there’s been so many people telling me that I can keep doing it, even when it feels like such a difficult career path. Things like this make it all worth it, for me and for everyone around me.”

As well as the recording time at the newly refurbished Studios 301, Vee will receive a national advertising and editorial campaign from entertainment website, to the value of $15,000.

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