Short Takes for March 13 2018

IS it just me or are some of the ships that are anchoring off Newcastle well within the three-mile rule? 

Matt Finlay, Belmont

WHEN I saw the headline of Joanne McCarthy's article (“Dealing with cranky”, Weekender 10/3), I immediately thought it might be about Jeff Corbett.

Ann Ellis, Merewether

WHEN women are no longer sexually harassed, abused, raped and murdered by men; when they feel safe and respected in every situation; when they are treated as equals and given the same opportunities and pay there will be no need for "women's lib", only celebration Robyn Burtinshaw (Short Takes 10/3).

Julie Robinson, Cardiff

GOOD on you, Tyler (“Student artwork ‘not appropriate’ in class”, Herald 10/3). Stick to your guns. I went through the same crap doing photography.

John Wrightson, Hamilton

ADANI should be scrapped with all the ifs, buts and uncertainty. It’s only 100 or so jobs that Queenslanders won't get. That's nothing when the government is making around 30,000 jobs a month. Too much for too little.

Craig Budden, Hamilton

HAPPY retirement Denis Gordon (“Lifetime of caring by the lake”, Weekender 10/3). You looked after my family for 20 years when I lived at Belmont North and we had the best care anyone could wish for. Congratulations and thank you for your service to your community. 

Valma Patfield, Largs

YES Kevin Baker (Letters 10/3), as a councillor and in consideration of a council staff report the rezoning of the state government land was moved at council by me. The land satisfied conditions of the Local Environment Plan. The proposed development now and in the past was not supported as it was 40% above the height restrictions. Are you in favour of altering height restriction to allow this development, or do planning laws amount to nothing?

Laurie Coghlan, Jewells

YES Brad Hill (Short Takes 8/3), the loss of jobs due to ATMs and self serve checkouts is the main reason I never use either. It’s got to the ridiculous stage where even junk mail deliverers (many earning as little as $5 an hour) contracted to one of the two main employers must carry a smart phone to record their delivery route.

Dave McTaggart, Edgeworth

NEWCASTLE’S self-appointed moral crusader Tony Brown is at it once again, now complaining about an ad (Short Takes 12/3). Thank goodness we’ve got you hitting the big issues, Tony. Maybe it’s time you stopped trying to ram your sense of what is offensive down our throats. Lighten up mate, my 87-year-old mum thinks it’s hilarious.

Shane Brassington, Newcastle


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