Short Takes March 14 2018

I AM a frequent user of West Wallsend Swimming Complex and while the facilities are excellent, the centre is compromised by its lack of size. I am amazed that such a growth area without the luxury of a lake or ocean and limited public transport suffers from a serious lack of public swimming pools. Would it be possible for Lake Macquarie Council in their next budget to release some funds for extending this complex with another pool, preferably a 50m one?  

Sue Morris, Maryland

I THINK Kevin Baker (Letters 10/3) has missed my point. Yes, I voted to re-zone the Whitebridge parcel of land to allow for sensible mixed use development, commercial and residential. What I did not vote for was a development that exceeded height restrictions set by the council of the day, nor to allow a developer to submit a new DA for a project approved by the Joint Regional Planning Panel.

Jodie Harrison MP, Member for Charlestown

JEFF Corbett's diatribe on bad drivers (“Driving rest of us crazy”, Herald 10/3) missed one category: grumpy old men in oversized vehicles. Overly cautious drivers merely slow us down. Arrogant and impatient drivers can kill.

Peter Moylan, Glendale

ZIGGY Nizcot’s letter regarding Winx going to Roosters (Letters 8/3), I wouldn't be surprised after what happened at the weekend that Politis has not got his cheque book out, but he might not take its rider as he falls a bit short at the finish.

Allen Small, East Maitland

THE Wests Tigers win over the Sydney Roosters on Saturday is a great message to all workers: join a union, become part of a dedicated team, and together you can beat the big end of town.

Darryl Tuckwell, Eleebana

Keep our ocean pure for our kids. Our ocean and marine life is a gift, let's set an example for generations to follow and keep it protected. United we can make a difference; sign the petition against seismic testing  (“Group plans rally against seismic tests”, Herald 12/3) for the good of the future.  

Evan Armstrong, Speers Point

A BLAST from the past, eh (“Group plans rally against seismic tests”, Herald 12/3)? Not in favour of it, and I can’t imagine why anyone would be. Testing for gas and oil – as if Newcastle hasn't been tortured enough. Who wants that off our pristine coast, and why so quiet? This community and the rest of Australia need to take a stand and finally keep them at bay. It will be under foreign ownership, of course, and just for once I’d like to see this town make a commitment to it: save our town. It’s everyone's business.

Mallissa Bicanin, Cardiff

ONCE again, a Supercars story perpetuating the myth of 192,000 spectators (“High hopes for ticket sales”, Herald 12/3). Supercars count the residents and businesses that were forced to accept tickets to access their homes without being harassed by overzealous security. I believe if they discounted the number of free tickets, the real figure is less than 80,000 paying attendees.

John Hudson, Newcastle East


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