Newcastle business 20/20: Watch the story of Ethos Health

Ethos Health CEO Dr Trent Watson.
Ethos Health CEO Dr Trent Watson.

Ethos Health – the result of two merging health businesses which both started in 1998 – has seen a lot of change in Newcastle West.

“We are seeing high-rises going up around us," CEO Dr Trent Watson says.

But looking back on 20 years, Mr Watson says the future is looking bright for Newcastle.

From a small crew of five staff before merging in 2009, Ethos Health listed a staff of around 65 people at the height of the mining boom. 2012 saw the decline of mining and Ethos underwent considerable restructing and now employs 22.

“Establish clear message and purpose of what you are out to achieve,” Mr Watson says.

Watch Ehtos Health’s full story below:

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