Newcastle Herald Short Takes: Saturday, September 15, 2018

WAL Remington (Letters, 12/9), I find something to smile about almost every day. At around 6.30am at least five days a week I pull on my cossies and have a swim. I’m in my 70s now and I can also enjoy conversations with my fellow swimmers who are always at their best and smiling in the early morning. It’s OK to write about what we see as unjust, but we need to take time out to look at the positives in life. Not many stories that make the news make me smile but life throws up wonderful stories if you slow down and listen.

Denise Lindus Trummel, Mayfield

TRAVELLING north on the highway recently through Nabiac towing a caravan doing the posted speed of 100km/h, I rounded a corner to be confronted by the red and blue lights of a highway patrol car approximately 150 metres away. Thankfully there was no one behind, let alone trying to reduce speed under those circumstances. I understand the reasoning behind this rule, however it has not been well thought out. I think most of the money will be going to funeral parlours.

Kevin Dunne, Edgeworth

WELL said John Martin (Short Takes, 14/9), we are constantly hearing the opinions of the usual suspects week in week out.

Grant Conway, Lambton

THOSE champions of free speech (Hanson, Latham, Jones et al) almost blew a collective head-gasket this week when a nine-year-old expressed a view about our treatment of Indigenous Australians. Wow!

Mac Maguire, Charlestown

DID I read that right? The ‘initial fare’ set by regulators for the stupid light rail that parallels where the heavy rail line was for about 2kms will be $2.10 (‘First Newcastle tram for 68 years’, Newcastle Herald, 13/9)? I can get to Sydney from Newcastle for $6.08!

Joanne Jay, Cooks Hill

KEVIN McDonald you are spot on – smoking is a selfish act and should be banned in all public areas (Letters, 13/9). I have just spent a week in my home town of Kempsey, the smoking rate seemed to be extremely high for a low-income, high-Indigenous population. Money spent on smoking in disadvantaged communities should be spent on kids’ sports and education. This is a reason for a cashless welfare system, there is nothing good that comes with smoking – my parents both died because of smoking – second hand smoke in pubs claimed a lot of innocent lives. Time to ban it completely.

Steve Barnett, Fingal Bay

COMMISERATIONS on the loss of your father, Steve Barnett (Short Takes, 13/9). Now we know where you got your great sense of humour. Happy birthday for next week, Wal Remington (Letters, 12/9). Whilst I feel you are being a bit harsh on some of our fellow Opinions page contributors, I admit it is easy to become negative and forget that we live in the best country in the world. We all have so much to be thankful for.

Dave McTaggart, Edgeworth

IS it true that the entrance at Parliament House in Canberra is to be refitted with revolving doors?

Peter Newey, Hamilton