Newcastle Herald Short Takes: Wednesday, September 12, 2018

WHY are the new trams red and white? Who picked the colours? Was this a captain's pick (if we do have a captain), another Macquarie Street ‘great look must have’, or were the Novocastrian ratepayers consulted? I thought Newcastle colours were red (or cerise) and blue!

Neil Allen, Newcastle

I GET where you're coming from Darryl Tuckwell (Short Takes, 11/9), but I don't think Bob Dylan ever did a version of P.F Sloan's Eve of Destruction made famous by Barry McGuire in 1965, just saying.

Andrew Pinkerton, Cardiff

OUR new Prime Minister Scott Morrison professes to follow the teachings of the Bible. Perhaps it is time he acquainted himself with the parable of the good Samaritan and showed some compassion for the children living in immigration detention, purportedly in the name of the Australian taxpayer. How about a fair go for these children?

Susie Johnson, Adamstown

GREAT to see an umpire who is prepared to enforce the rules of tennis. The game should be above any player including Serena Williams who, as we have seen before, is all sweetness and love when she is winning, but don’t dare get the upper hand in a match against her or she turns into a raging bully. The better player on the day, eventual winner Naomi Osaka should also be congratulated for the way she handled an ugly situation. Umpire 10, Serena 0.

Jim Gardiner, New Lambton

CONGRATULATIONS to Naomi Osaka of Japan on winning her first grand slam title at the US Open. Despite the antics of her outclassed opponent Serena Williams, she prevailed with a combination of great tennis and a cool temperament. Serena's behaviour mirrored previous attacks on officials at this tournament, not a good look from one who professes to be such a wonderful role model. Shame on you Serena!

Eric Roach, Croudace Bay

SAY what you like about Peter Dutton – he finally got the left to object to immigrants being released from detention!

Scott Hillard, New Lambton

WHAT was this all about? Malcolm Turnbull replaced as Australia’s prime minister. The trouble with Australia is that there are too many politicians who believe that you can fool all us mug voters all of the time. The whole Liberal regime is contaminated with self interest, no allegiance to party or voters of Australia. If I had my way I would have sent the army in to restore law and order. And I am not joking. Amazing what rifles fixed with bayonets would have achieved, in that snake pit called Parliament.    

Richard Ryan, Summerland Point

YET another debacle for our proud city (‘Floored’, Newcastle Herald, 10/9), not forgetting that NBA in Australia was started here in Newcastle by Dr Raschke. There are hundreds more people in the Hunter Valley playing basketball and netball than skateboarding. We have certainly earned an international facility ASAP, not in another 50 years.

Elaine Street, Merewether