Newcastle Herald Short Takes: Tuesday, September 11, 2018

WE tolerate the Catholic Church's refusing to obey the law on mandatory reporting of sexual assault during the confessional. Would we be so tolerant if a Muslim decided to ignore our laws and stone his wife for infidelity? I don't think so. Double standards?

Ruth Burrell, Merewether

I WAS born in 1931 and have been breathing coal dust since then. The only rail trains were coal users. We used to breathe the thick black smoke. It’s 87 years and I am still here so I don't know what all the fuss is about. I have yet to see a death certificate that says coal dust was the cause of death.

Barry Spaulding, Cardiff

I KNOW this is surprising, but we had the NBN connected a couple of weeks ago, something we had been putting off because of all the horror stories we have heard. All done in an hour with no problems to date, thank you to lovely technician Peter, job well done! Much appreciated.

Sandra Iceton, New Lambton Heights

A DEVELOPER’S sign in Malta: “Revitalising the present. Respecting the past.” We won’t see a place for this sign in Newcastle.

David Rose, Hamilton

PETER Devey (Letters, 10/9): your memory and your spurious statistics are very interesting, not. You don't hear what the real scientists say (well, perhaps what only 97 per cent of them say) because of the sand in your ears.

John Atkins, Hamilton South

TO Richard Mallaby (Short Takes, 10/9), thank you for dousing climate change, it's sure been a long cold winter. The upside to the production of wind turbines is that it's keeping the mining industry alive and strong regardless of an inefficient power source. Maybe one day these things will learn to self produce and, who knows, create more energy than what’s used in producing them. I'd imagine this to be like global warming though, a myth.

Brad Hill, Singleton

GLADYS Berejiklian wants to blame the federal Liberal government for her defeat. Agreed they are a small part of it. Well, wait for the next state elections and see the backlash there, especially in the Sydney area where people are furious with the tolls they have to pay. Also the price of electricity after her ex-leader said would be cheaper after selling the wires and poles. Ordinary people are choking with this cost and let’s not forget the public transport system, which is a mess.

Andy McFadden, Warners Bay

REGARDING the Wagga byelection: I read these Liberal Party clowns want to swap their $700 suits for jeans so they can connect with us voters much better. I bet they don't opt for the $30 brand from Lowes though, but don either the $200 R.M. Williams or $150 Levis instead. Now won't that make us all feel much better?

Peter Russell, East Maitland

A LINE from a Bob Dylan song the Prime Minister should take to his next party room meeting, “And you do not believe we are on the eve of destruction”.

Darryl Tuckwell, Eleebana