Newcastle Herald Short Takes: Monday, September 17, 2018

IT has now been long established that smoking is a major health risk. For the University of Newcastle to allow smoking on its premises is irresponsible and a retrograde step. It is a win for big tobacco which can use this in cigarette advertising campaigns overseas. How can it be right that taxpayer funds can be given to an education institution that allows smoking on campus, albeit in designated areas?

Margaret Johnson, Merewether

IN reply to Gary Dowling (Short Takes, 14/9). The Knights had to release both Korbin and Tariq Sims because they couldn't afford to keep paying them the money they were on, as the result of the salary cap mess they inherited off Wayne Bennett and Nathan Tinkler. End of story.

David Davies, Blackalls Park

SOME questions for Newcastle council 1) Where are the cycle lanes in Newcastle city? 2) Why haven't cycle lanes in Hunter Street been made a priority? 3) What is the point of the Newcastle Cycling Strategy and Action Plan of 2012 if is not implemented? 4) Does a cyclist have to die before the council acts?

Helen Smith, Tighes Hill

TO John Beach (Letters, 13/9): the next thing the whingers will be complaining about is the noise created by waves crashing on the beach. I'm not sure if that complaint could be resolved, however where there's a will, there's a way. If the noise level isn't breaking the law and you’re not happy, move. Life can be a beach, John.

Brad Hill, Singleton

LOOKS like Malcolm Turnbull’s mission to destroy the Liberal Party isn’t over just yet with his “advice” from New York only intended to damage the party. What a vengeful and vindictive man he appears to be. In Parliament Question Time, Bill Shorten has been asking why the previous PM was removed. Seems like Mr Turnbull is answering that question all by himself. Thank goodness he’s gone.

Jim Gardiner, New Lambton

THE 7.30 Report on ABC (‘House of cards’, 11/9) about the start of the collapse of the housing market would have sent shivers through the thousands of mortgaged-stressed homebuyers. This oncoming collapse was inevitable as I have previously stated, brought on earlier than my prediction of the cause being interest rate rises, by the big money lenders – compliments of the royal commission being exposed of their shonky, criminal and devious methods of handing out loans. They are now forced to lend in a responsible way, and so halting the out-of-control supply of money to people who cannot afford it. Those that claim that the market is the best method of price setting must surely realise now that the market has to have responsible regulation to prevent a disaster of the magnitude that this one will be from being possible.

Allan Earl, Thornton


A report in Saturday’s Newcastle Herald incorrectly said Newcastle City Council had approved a Hunter Development Corporation development application for the temporary activation of Newcastle Station. Renew Newcastle lodged the application.