Newcastle Herald Short Takes: Thursday, September 13, 2018

THE Newcastle Show has a proud century-old history. For a number of years the state government and the local business chamber have teamed up to scotch Newcastle's Show holiday. This helped drive down show attendances. Now, it appears Newcastle will be deprived of its historic showground land, with much of it likely to become multi-level apartments.  It doesn't look like this government will rest until it has handed over the last of Newcastle's community assets to private developers.

Susie Johnson, Adamstown

IN reply to Sean Farnham (Letters, 11/9), the answer is yes and I did – with the generosity of the editor allowing me to go over the 200 word limit to make a point. It received no negative comments, and in response to your last point, if you need a plebiscite to determine if we should treat all people as human beings and not some as animals to make a point, it says more about you than me.

Allan Earl, Thornton

ON the subject of the bullying of female politicians, Julie Bishop said “enough is enough” and Pauline Hanson stated “toughen up”. Enough is enough Pauline. Julie Bishop is a class act.

Denise Lindus Trummel, Mayfield

REGARDING the colours of Newcastle’s new trams, I’ve been told that perhaps not red (cerise) and blue, but brown (cinnamon) over green (emerald) would be more appropriate, as this was the 35th Battalion's (Newcastle) colours.

Neil Allen, Newcastle

TO Wal Remington, happy birthday. My dad passed away a couple of weeks ago, aged 75. He was a country publican with a wicked sense of humour. One morning I caught the old man having a schooner of black at 9am. “What are you doing?” I said “Quality control, son, can't sell it if you don't know what it tastes like,” he replied. So cheers Wal, happy birthday.

Steve Barnett, Fingal Bay

A BIRD in the hand is worth two in the bush. I applaud the announcement of $11.7 million for roadworks in Port Stephens to create a new commercial area, but this decision neglects the bird in hand. Cardiff Industrial Estate is by far the largest private sector employment zone in the region and is desperate for infrastructure (for example, the Glendale Interchange). The state member for Lake Macquarie, Greg Piper, has been toiling long and hard to secure funding for this worthwhile project which is widely recognised as the most important infrastructure project on the Hunter. Again marginal seats are pork barrelled whilst unwinnable seats get a big zero.

Laurie Coghlan, Jewells


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