Newcastle Herald Short Takes: Friday, September 14, 2018

THE abuse of children, physical or sexual, is a heinous crime. It is worse than murder. The children have the memory for life.

John McLennan, Charlestown

APOLOGIES to Jim Gardiner (Short Takes, 12/9). When reading his latest letter I mistakenly thought that the sweetness and love when winning, then a raging bully when losing, was a reference to the Coalition. Sorry Jim.

Bob Salter, Stockton

WITH respect to Wal Remington (Letters, 12/9), I am one of those you say should be ashamed, but make no apology for speaking out against failure after failure in this country. Yes, there are those that believe an individual can make no difference and so should turn a blind eye, but it is when enough of those individuals speak out together that things do get done. If it’s a smile you seek may I suggest you watch some reruns of the great English comedy Yes Minister.

Allan Earl, Thornton

AFTER watching the Saint George v Broncos match on Sunday I wondered: how would have the Knights performed if they had not let the two Sims brothers off contract?

Gary Dowling, Hamilton

I’M getting worried about Pauline Hanson. For one thing, she’s objecting to the ban on live animal exports. For another she’s criticising a nine-year-old girl who has sensibly pointed out the racism in our national anthem. What’s wrong with Pauline? Is it a lack of education or a lack of intelligence? Whatever the case, Pauline needs to do some rethinking, if she can!

Neville Aubrey, Wallsend

JUST as we don’t see many letters advising us of the dangers of a flat earth these days, why does the Sage of Singleton and his ridiculous attacks on wind power continue to be published in the letters pages? Nothing new or factual, just tedious repetition.

John Martin, Carrington

I WAS scratched by an unsupervised dog on the beach this morning. The dogs are allowed to be on the beach unleashed but they must be supervised. The owner of the dog was unperturbed. I regularly walk this beach for exercise. Please watch your dogs if you wish to share areas with locals in a friendly way. Or, grab your dog if you seen the white haired woman carrying her shoes striding towards you.

Christine Kable, Caves Beach

IT’S incredible that in 2018, people like Barry Spaulding are trotting out the old chestnut that "I'm 87 and coal dust hasn't affected me" (Short Takes, 11/9). I thought this sort of uneducated claptrap died with my grandfather's generation. All he is effectively saying is that a) some people can be exposed to dangerous levels of coal dust and remain (apparently) unaffected; and b) ignorance of an issue does not reduce its impact.

Tony Picton, New Lambton Heights

WHEN the prince and princess come to Australia, can we ask them to dismiss a few of our politicians? It wouldn't matter who.

Ed Matzenik, Maitland