Newcastle Herald Short Takes: Saturday, May 12, 2018

I WANT to agree with Colin Jones who wrote a letter published in the Newcastle Herald on Friday (Letters, 11/5). My partner and I have been supporters and members of the Newcastle Jets since the beginning, through good times and bad. Instead of getting our usual seats alongside the great people we have shared the highs and lows with, we had to sit in amongst a mob of drunken fools who didn't give a toss about the game. So disappointing.

Helen Hunstone, Cardiff South

SCOT MacDonald should get the next Keolis Downer bus out of town, one way. That's if it turns up, and take the lord mayor with him.                                 

John Bonnyman, Fern Bay

BRAD Hill (Short Takes, 10/5) why would anyone feel the need and be so insensitive as to make light of the plight of a disability pensioner, obviously doing it tough, just as a vehicle to push their own anti greens, do-gooder agenda?

Colin Fordham, Lambton

WHEN the work is finished in Newcastle it will look great but as for parking at the moment it is not easy especially for people who have a disability parking permit. But will it ever be fair for disability parking as no new disabled parking bays are being created – not on roads or in shopping centres. It's a problem that needs correcting.

Alan Ackroyd, Hamilton

IN reply to the Herald editoral (‘Newcastle Now and council’s light rail help’, Herald, 3/5). As a payee of three lots of 'special levies' I can only say – and apologies to Shakespeare – 'There is something rotten in the state of Newcastle'. The organisation is a bloated bureaucracy.

Tony Lawler, Newcastle

GLIMPSED five minutes of the NRL Footy Show last night and saw hosts drawing numbers from a doll’s nappy; what a insult to the human intelligence. I wish Packer senior was still around – get this crap off my station.

Michael Casey, Waratah

IF anybody ever needed more evidence of this federal government's hatred of criticism they need look no further than the latest funding cuts to the ABC. They are our national broadcaster and should be fully funded by the federal government. Consecutive Liberal prime ministers – Howard, Abbott and Turnbull – have all slashed funding to the broadcaster simply because they hate the criticism.

Darryl Tuckwell, Eleebana

YESTERDAY I received a personally-addressed letter with real postage stamps from Lunar Eclipse Tourism Malaysia promoting their 15th anniversary including two scratchies. Surprise, surprise on the second scratchy I won $US200,000. On checking our Australian scam website I am convinced it is a scam. Be aware, be aware.

Alan Morgan, Cardiff


DO you agree with the decision to build a sand quarry near Williamtown?

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