Newcastle Herald Short Takes: Thursday, May 17, 2018

IN regards to demountable classrooms: I have taught in them on many occasions and believe them to be a viable solution to the accommodation problems. I would suggest spending the excess money that would be required to build bricks and mortar rooms on supporting the staff who do a magnificent job in our schools. They are easier to move when required elsewhere.

John Bradford, Beresfield

FOR health reasons there should be some sort of warning given regarding articles written by Tony Brown (‘After dark plan risks violence’, Newcastle Herald, 16/5). I was eating fries when I got to the part where he states “inner-city residents have demonstrated their accommodation of reasonable change” … I came close to actually choking.

Glennis Craig, Windale

THE Meghan Markle gravy train will soon be rolling to a stop. The end of an era and a new beginning. 

Daphne Hughes, Kahibah

CAN any royalist out there explain to me why the monarchy can spend millions of dollars on a wedding when there are millions of children around the world suffering and starving? I don’t understand.

John Keen, Gateshead

WHY all the media coverage and hype about the royal wedding fiasco? I can honestly say the only people remotely interested in it are the media. I’m yet to speak to anyone that cares one iota! Go away ... now. 

Matt Ophir, Charlestown

I AGREE with Don Fraser (Short Takes, 16/5). All the TV can have on is Harry and Meghan, the Markle family, referenced to the late Princess Diana. Drives you around the bend. But I fail to see how Australia becoming a republic will change what others see as entertainment. Only thing to do is read a book, but not those women's mags. They are full of it.

Kevin Miller, Windale

WHAT a shocking lack of compassion or action from the Australian government towards the innocent Palestinians slaughtered by the Israeli military. When it comes to foreign policy, it seems we're just obsequious servants of our North American allies.

Mac Maguire, Charlestown

DAVID Crich (Letters, 16/5), Cameron Smith is one of the main reasons why my boys play rugby union instead of rugby league. His retirement can’t come soon enough. Good riddance I say.

Brad Hill, Singleton


SHOULD NSW consider desalination as a viable water supply alternative?

Yes 75%, No 25%


CESSNOCK Prostate Cancer Support Group meet on May 24 at Cessnock Leagues Club. Guest speaker is Alisha Moore from TROG. Topic: Information on current and past prostate cancer trials and achievements, and current activities at TROG. All members of the public are welcome to this free event. Contact: Barry on 0457 073 852 or Rose 4990 4554.