TOPICS: Honeysuckle car park that never came to be and dog owners behaving badly

WE can hear you belting away on the keyboard, smashing out a letter to the editor, right now.

“Newcastle needs more parks!” you’re writing. “Oh look. Another apartment block, but where are the parks?!”

As you’re venting, the council and state government are coming back at you just as fast, probably smashing out a ticket.

“Newcastle is an emerging global city,” they reply.

“Get public transport.”  

In other words: there’s no parking problem, it’s just you.

Deep breaths. Calm blue ocean.

Topics has something impressive to show you – these artist impressions reveal what might have been Newcastle’s most extravagant car park.

Dubbed the “Honeysuckle Hub”, the schmick building is more than a car park – there’s also a café that spills out into gardens and a very blue-looking Cottage Creek.

The concept was submitted to the Hunter Development Corporation as part of an expressions of interest process but it never went any further.

Core Project Group – who are currently building the new council administration building – were behind the proposal.

They teased punters on Facebook last week: “What if I told you of an idea to solve the parking issue around Honeysuckle and the West End?”

Timing is paramount. 

More than 250 car spaces were removed from Honeysuckle earlier this month to make way for the Lume project.

Further car park closures are expected when the University of Newcastle ramps up its development plans in town.

Get the keyboards ready for when that happens. What do you think of the Honeysuckle car park proposal?


SURELY no one missed it – but Tuesday last week was “National Hug Your Dog Day”.

Among the emails that typically flood newsroom mailboxes on days like these, there was one that caught our eye because, well, it took aim at dodgy dog owners.

“The Sustainable Neighbourhood network is calling on all dog owners to be mindful of their responsibilities,” the email warned.

Lake Macquarie Sustainable Neighbourhood Alliance claimed there were more than 67,000 registered canines in Lake Macquarie. The group also said there were 510 dog attacks reported in the area in 2016-17, with 72 considered major attacks. 

We’ll pass on the hug.

Things I hate about you

WE’RE moving overseas soon.

There’s lots to miss about Newcastle: the people, the lifestyle, the feeling of being teleported to anywhere in the world on the city’s glorious beaches. 

But we were left stumped when we were asked what we won’t miss about Newcastle.

Now we can finally answer it: the gridlock on Newcastle Road about 3pm.

What grinds your gears?