Short Takes: Tuesday April 17 2018

ON Sunday morning the cafes through Newcastle mall were very busy, such a contrast to the deserted scenes of Supercars. From what I could tell, the fun run organisers didn’t need to block off the roads for months, dig up the park, chop down the trees and hide the budget to bring atmosphere, families and money into town. 

Cate Turner, Newcastle

ON March 21 we had torrential flooding rain so a lot of people left work early to pick up their kids from Cardiff High School so they would get home safely, but Lake Macquarie City Council thought it would be a great time to make some money and book every parent that went up Boronia Street, Cardiff to pick them up even though there were no stopping signs. Isn't our kids’ safety more important than money? How about getting your priorities in order and fix Hillsborough Road instead of ripping people off? Just remember we all vote.

Colin Geatches, Mayfield

KURT Fearnley goes out a winner (“Our hero”, Herald 16/4) but, more importantly, a truly inspirational and humble man. Got to love the way he thinks "no one deserves anything, you have to work for it". Any chance of Newcastle holding a parade finishing at the Kurt Fearnley Stand?

David McTaggart, Edgeworth

IN MY opinion the NRMA advertisement is the most pathetic attempt at false reassurance in the history of insurance. Hunters and Collectors - very appropriate. Insurance companies on the hunt, but it’s almost impossible to collect. A more appropriate song for the NRMA would be the Angels’ Am I Ever Gonna See Your Face Again. I think the response from the Angels’ crowd in that song is the same as the response from most insurance companies come claim time.

Steve Barnett, Fingal Bay

A RUGBY league score for the Jets. They must have been resting for the past three games. Well done. Unfortunately the Knights copped the brunt of the Storm.

Bill Slicer, Tighes Hill

HELEN Scott (Short Takes 14/4) I totally agree. How much nicer the women's beach volleyball team would have looked and felt if they were attired in the same uniform as our high jumpers, a longer top and a pair of stretchy shorts with a small amount of leg length. Some of the other countries showed better taste. The sun exposure factor, too.

Susan Ayre, Maryland

TREVOR Pearce (Letters 16/4) I know the idea of moving Garden Island to Newy has been looked at before and I believe Jervis Bay on the South Coast is their other option. Also, I believe the site is so contaminated that it can't be used for much more than a container terminal, as it needs to be capped with concrete. It is still an idea worth exploring again I believe. It would be interesting see what your reply would be from those powers to be.

Tony Mansfield, Lambton


SHOULD mandatory life jacket laws for rock fishers be optional for councils?

Yes 50%, No 50%