Don't dance with chance when it comes to Mother's Day planning

THOUGHT COUNTS: Leaving things up to chance when it comes to celebrating Mother's Day is fraught with risk.
THOUGHT COUNTS: Leaving things up to chance when it comes to celebrating Mother's Day is fraught with risk.

Mother’s Day is upon us and best wishes go out on Sunday to all endeavouring to honour their loved ones in appropriate style and splendour.

As we know, delivering a show of appreciation takes organisation, and as  ever, it’s the thought that counts.

Ideally that thought will have occurred some days before the event so that everything goes smoothly. That might mean sparking up the toaster, cooking or booking a meal,  ordering some flowers,  buying a present, sending a card, or all of the above.

There’s no fairytales in football, as the A-League grand final showed us ast Saturday, but with this much preparation, you’re gonna give success a chance to collide with opportunity. Or however that phrase goes.

I remember attending a Mother’s Day lunch one year and it had been a bit of a rush to get a spot at a local eatery for lunch because I’d left it to the last minute. And it hadn’t even been my mum.

Upon sitting down I realised a mate of mine was doing likewise at the table nearby. His seemed like a big operation with lots of relatives and friends lined up, and to be fair, he looked a bit flustered.

Turns out, he’d managed to get an invite to everyone but his mum. And of course, these sort of things can happen in the moment.

Growing up I always took mother’s day to indicate at least breakfast in bed, which looking back, I’m not sure totally aligned with protocols about crumbs in bed.

Getting the tea and toast just right was the main focus, and my mum always seemed to like the concept. Of tea and toast. Not necessarily crumbs. But if he must … Some Mother’s do have em.

And by that I mean adoring children, some of them sons, others daughters, and all variations in between, ideally all wracking their brains before Mother’s Day for ideas about what to do.

Unreliable research methods suggest the modern concept of Mother’s Day was conceived as a way of  reconciling broken families after the American Civil War.

And perhaps nothing much changes through the ages. A good Mother’s Day effort  can  make up for a year’s worth of familial carnage.

Of course it didn’t take long for Mother’s Day to be derailed by commercialism, and the lady who originated the idea eventually spent most of her life demanding it be struck from the calendar. And if you’ve ever rolled out a dud Mother’s Day celebration, perhaps that resonates.

But as they say in show business, it’ll be all right on the night. But if you leave it that late, it might not.

So better to strike early, with a breakfast, perhaps. Not necessarily in bed. But then again, why not? And although commercialism is bad, a present never goes astray as it shows forethough. Poor forethought, maybe, but nothing a receipt can’t exchange.

If things aren’t bubbling by then, throw in some champagne, hugs and kisses, and it should be celebrations all round for another year.