Newcastle Beachwatch with Dave Anderson: Friday, June 22, 2018


Cleaner waves for today with lighter winds tending offshore for the morning.Swell is slowly dropping and has straightened up.Banks at most beaches have changed but does look like some long gutters. Swell from the south-east at 1.5 metres. Wind light north to north-west. Tide will be beginning to run out for the early and shore breaks at Divider Rock and Dixon Park. South Bar and Merewether towards the late morning low tide. Samurai and One Mile up at Port Stephens. Burwood,Dudley and Redhead to the south. Water’s a touch murky in after the rain. Check to see if beach is opened if going for a swim. Water is 16 degrees. – Dave Anderson


  • Winds Variable about 10 knots.
  • Seas Below 1 metre. Swell southeasterly 1.5 to 2 metres.
  • Weather Partly cloudy.



Yesterday: Double Harmony, 12.54am; MCP Bilbao, 4.35am; Sincere Pisces, 6.30am; David Allan, 7am; Global Mercator, 10am; United Adventure, 10.42am; Sonja, 1.06pm; Tachibana, 3pm; Ernst Oldendorff, 3pm; Athos, 6.30pm; Honest Sky, 7.15pm; Pilatus Venture, 9.30pm. 

Today: Penguin Arrow, 2.45am; Leo, 4.30am; Mount Faber, 6.15am; Lily Fortune, 6.45am; Anangel Vision, 6pm; Jozen, 6.30pm.  


Yesterday: G. Box, 12.03am; Nanakura, 10.35am; Amakusa Island, 11.55am; Warnow Merkur, 4.30pm; Double Harmony, 5.15pm; Super Valentina, 8.30pm. 

Today: Island Chief, 2am; LDN Fortuna, 3.15am; MCP Bilbao, 3.15am; Stade, 8.30am; Sincere Pisces, 2.53pm; Global Mercator, 4.23pm; Honest Sky, 8.30pm; Dyna Camellia, midnight. 


  • Newcastle Very Good 
  • Wallsend ​Very Good 
  • Beresfield ​Very Good 
  • Singleton ​Good 
  • Muswellbrook ​Fair