Newcastle Beachwatch with Dave Anderson: Tuesday, May 21, 2018


A continuation of some solid  waves over the next few days.Conditions best at the south facing beaches and reefs. Offshore winds stronger during the morning before tending sideshore during the afternoon.

Swell from the south at 2 to 3m. Wind fresh West to S/W.

Tide going low mid morning and that will cause some close outs on the beach breaks. First up try Nobbys Reef, Newcastle Beach off The Alley and South Bar. Merewether sure to have a few out. Dudley, Caves and Catho to the south. Fingal and Seals Rocks to the north.

Heavy shorebreaks and sweeps on the run out tide. Some beaches may have dangerous surf signs so take care if swimming today. Water temps 18C.

- Dave Anderson


Winds West to southwesterly 15 to 20 knots, reaching 25 knots offshore in the evening.

Seas 1 to 2 metres. Swell: Southerly 2 to 3 metres.

Weather Mostly sunny.



Yesterday: Genco Commodus, 1.52am; Wooree, 2am; Big Boy, 2am; Pegasus Island, 2.15am; Ocean Garnet, 5.05am; BBC Oregon, 5.45am; Battersea, 5.19pm; C. Utopia, 7pm; China Progress, 9.30pm. 

Today: Diamond Ocean, 1.45am; Belle Rose, 5.45am; Tian Shou, 6.15am; True Caspian, 8.45am; Weaver Arrow, 11am; Banastar, 3pm; Cemtex Renaissance, 3.30pm.


Yesterday: Elegant Salute, 2.30am; Wooree, 3.47am; Global Splendour, 7.24am; Aquaglory, 11.55am; Southern Wisdom, 1.30pm; Pegasus Island, 5.30pm; BBC Oregon, 11pm; Shinano, 11.30pm. 

Today: Grand Century, 12.10am; Ocean Garnet, 7.30am; Genco Commodus, 1.22pm; Energia Centaurus, 1.23pm; Amoy Progress, 4.45pm; Diamond Ocean, 7pm. 


Newcastle Good Wallsend Good 

Beresfield Good Singleton Fair 

Muswellbrook Very Good