Island Life at Carrington is pretty chilled

Island Life: A Carrington spot that reflects history. Picture: Jessica Ross Photography
Island Life: A Carrington spot that reflects history. Picture: Jessica Ross Photography

Fancy a bit of island life? Yes please.

We’re in luck, there’s a place now called Island Life at Carrington.

There’s no turquoise waters or palm trees, but we hear it’s a pretty chilled-out place.

The name comes from the suburb’s past. You see, Carrington is literally an island.

The place was “slowly built up by ships dumping ballast and other reclamation work”, a Newcastle City Council history of the suburb says.

The island literally rose out of the murky depths.

Jessica Shuwalow runs The Grateful Boutique on the island.

It’s a pay-it-forward business. Now that’s something we’ve never heard of before.

The boutique, a retro Mexican takeaway food truck called Mexican Cantina and a women’s exercise group named Pineapple Fitness have combined to create a kind of island oasis.

Island Life is a place, a metaphor, a state of mind.

“It’s a place where you’ll find families coming together. You watch each other’s children, you eat food that’s sourced locally or that you harvested yourself and everything is done with purpose,” Jessica told Topics, adding that real island communities are like this.

“Each business shares a common purpose – to support people to become happier in themselves through physical movement, healthy food and giving.”

The Grateful Boutique donates money or a product for every item purchased in store.

“So if someone purchases a flower posy through us, we do up another posy and donate it to the John Hunter Hospital or Ronald McDonald House on their behalf,” she said.

For other items sold in store, they donate – on behalf of the customer – $1 for goods up to $25 and $2 for goods worth $25 to $50 etc to Got Your Back Sista for self-defence classes for domestic violence victims.

As for Pineapple Fitness, as its name suggests, it’s not a traditional gym.

It’s an outdoor fitness group that trains in parks at Carrington, Bar Beach and Warners Bay.

We have heard that sometimes, after a workout, they eat pineapple. Which is very fitting because pineapple is a very tropical, island-type fruit.

In the Swim 

Members of the Dixon Park Coldies take an icy dip. Picture: Jonathan Carroll

Members of the Dixon Park Coldies take an icy dip. Picture: Jonathan Carroll

The Herald published a picture on Monday of a pair of swimmers at Newcastle Ocean Baths and a rainbow on the horizon.

Herald photographer Jonathan Carroll took the cracking photo on Sunday.

Andrew Nisbet told Topics that the swimmers were members of the Dixon Park Coldies, a winter swimming club.

“David and Ash (the swan diver) were both late to the heats on Sunday morning and it is nice to get some photographic evidence to confirm their tardiness,” Andrew joked.

“While they won’t accrue points from the heats, they are still in the running for 100 per cent attendance for the season.”

Royal-themed coffee

Harry and Meghan immortalised in cappuccino froth.

Harry and Meghan immortalised in cappuccino froth.

Topics reported on Thursday about a royal wedding bash at Stockton on Saturday, featuring a cardboard cut-out of Harry and Megs.

We thought the cut-out was pretty high on the scale of royal merchandise, until we saw this cappuccino with Harry and Megs-themed froth.

We hear they’re made using a Ripple Maker Latte Art Machine. Bloody fancy, hey?

The bakery and coffee shop selling these lattes is named Heidi. It’s near Windsor Castle on the ground floor of a department store called Daniel.

So we’ve got a coffee shop called Heidi and a department store named Daniel. In Australia, they’d be named Sharon and Steve.

A Bunfight

Topics wonders whether anyone noticed anything different with McDonald’s burgers on Thursday. 

The Transport Workers’ Union of NSW sent a media alert, stating that drivers at Wettenhalls Transport, who haul bread for Goodman Fielders, were going on strike “indefinitely”.

Wettenhalls drivers transport bread daily in Newcastle, including Macca’s burger buns, the union said.

Hmmm. What will Macca’s do? Head down to Coles or Woolies and buy some homebrand rolls? That could be a problem. Apparently they’re affected by the strike as well. Perhaps Macca’s will have to sell burgers without buns until the strike is over. We can see it now – punters eating their beef patties with plastic knives and forks on plastic Ronald McDonald plates.