Short Takes May 18 2018: readers have their say on the day’s news

SINCE Australia is now apparently apart of Europe thanks to Jessica Mauboy appearing for Australia in Eurovision, does this mean I can look forward to watching the Newcastle jets take on the likes of Manchester United in the UEFA tournament later this year?

Michael Foley, Waratah West

SCOTT Morrison delivered the first budget surplus since Peter Costello, during the Howard era and I believe it was viewed favourably by most economists. However, Col Geatches, Short Takes 15/5, labelled it as "disgraceful".  I have read most of Mr Geatches contributions to this page and he seems to have been hiding his light under a bushel. His ability to analyse the budget and come up with a one word summary of it, is quite impressive, even for him.

David Stuart, Merewether

IN REPLY to David Crich’s adoring letter about Cameron Smith, I can only say that this: he has been conning the refs for years. In my view he rarely throws a legal pass from dummy half, and he should have got four weeks. Talking about Immortals, think about people like  Irvine, Kenny, Sterlo and Walsh before Cameron and Jonathan. 

Bob Salter, Stockton

BIPARTISAN is not a dirty word. If Newcastle and the Hunter was a rusted on Liberal region the outcome would be the same, very little funding by both mayor political parties. What this city and region needs is to be bi partisan, in other ways it must swing both ways, so it’s time to wake up people. The future growth of our city and region are in your hands.

Maurizio Zalar, Belmont

AUSTRALIAN Story on Monday was lovely. It told about an aboriginal women’s choir led by Morris Stewart. They sang songs introduced by German immigrants to our country 140 years ago. They have gone to Germany presenting these songs and intend going to USA to perform. Before doing so they will be on NITV on July 15.  Be sure to watch - they will make Australia proud.

Elaine Richards, Salt Ash

WHAT sort of a government do we have in Australia when it is revealed that energy companies rip off consumers to the tune of $40 million and the energy minister Josh Frydenberg says that it is within the rules for them to charge this extra to cover their corporate tax bills? That being the case, I think is quite alright for us as consumers to tell them to do what pelicans do and tell them to stick their bills up their backsides.

Les Baldwin, Pelican

DEMOUNTABLE classrooms are being refurbished at Cessnock correction centre I believe. This is giving back to the community and allowing for a purposeful rehabilitation time for inmates. More of the same please.

John Bradford, Beresfield

THOSE complaining about the Royal wedding are those lapping up all the media about the wedding. We all know you are closet monarchist. We know you will have the cucumber sandwiches and champagne at the ready for the wedding on telly. Just admit the world has gone mad for Harry's and Megan's wedding. And yes, it is good for business and good for the economy.

Andrew Whitbread-Brown, Cardiff Heights