Input sought for Mayfield’s Stevenson Park in new masterplan

MAYFIELD West’s Stevenson Park will receive a makeover under a masterplan the council is seeking to develop. 

The new map for the future of the complex, which sits in the fork of Maitland Road and Industrial Drive, will examine how it can meet changing needs for residents and sports clubs. 

”Having been involved in the design and improvement of many of our wonderful parks for many years from Islington to Blackbutt, the first step in developing the Stevenson Park masterplan and playground concept is to engage with the community to gather ideas,” Cr Nelmes said. 

"Football, softball and baseball are just some of the sports that call Stevenson Park home – these and others are all invited to take part in planning for the future.”

Workshops will run on the site from 5.30pm on May 28, and feedback can be given online. 

The workshops will include an overview of the park space, the project’s scope, ideas and solutions and a discussion of priorities. The draft plan is scheduled to go to the elected council in September.