Hunter drivers not exempt from soaring petrol prices

Feeling the pinch at the bowser? 

You’re not the only one, with soaring petrol prices across the Hunter mirroring similar ballooning costs across the country. 

With the price of crude oil jumping internationally, domestic Australia hasn’t been spared from an abrupt rise in costs at the pump. 

Across the Hunter, unleaded petrol is retailing for as high as 159.9 c/L, with the average price at 153.1c/L as of Sunday afternoon. 

Among the most expensive spots to refill are Caltex Rutherford and Rutherford BP, with unleaded at 159.9c/L according to the NSW Government’s Fuel Check app. 

On Tuesday the BP at Adamstown was charging 157.5 c/L for E10, while the BP at Hamilton South and 7-Eleven New Lambton hit 157.7 c/L according to Fuel Check.

For those looking to sneak in prices under 150c/L for unleaded, heading out to Kurri may be the best answer. 

Metro Fuel at Heddon Greta and Kurri Kurri were retailing unleaded for 143.9c/L over the weekend, the cheapest fuel on offer in the Lower Hunter region outside of Newcastle. 

The difference in cost between providers has been so stark that it prompted Australian Competition and Consumer Commission chairman Rod Sims to speak out earlier this month, following a study on fuel prices.

“The majority of consumers tend to go to the same petrol station every time they fill up,” Mr Sims said.

"This research shows it might be time to consider which station to fill up at.”

"Shopping around has the added benefit of increasing competition by putting pressure on retailers who charge the most to lower their prices or risk losing customers.”

Shoppers looking to find the best price can use a number of downloadable apps or websites to browse local figures, such as Fuel Check, MotorMouth and Petrol Spy.