The Herald Sessions: Lachlan X Morris tackles deep techno-philosophical questions on his new album Premeditations

LACHLAN X. Morris’ music might be influenced by classic radio staples like The Beatles and The Beach Boys and self-described as “dad rock”, but the Newcastle singer-songwriter has been pondering the future.

His forthcoming second album Premeditations, while musically based in psychedelica and vintage rock, lyrically focuses on humanity’s growing obsession with technology and the disconnect it creates in our lives and relationships. 

“I was thinking about how we’re living in bit of a strange time, observing people and seeing how different people live,” Morris said.

“Going from the extremes of living day-to-day myself and paying for groceries, which is all I can afford, and then seeing people with five cars per household and every time a new iPhone comes out they buy one.”

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Morris said many of the songs on Premeditations also deal with future situations where technology might fail and how it could leave our society. One such example might be the breakdown of the NAB’s electronic banking services which effected thousands of customers last weekend. 

“We’re almost obsessed with technology and how we rely on it,” he said.

“A lot of the songs are about paranoia and overthinking things and premeditating in a negative way your future or where the world will be.”

Morris will kick-off a crowd-funding campaign through Pozible this week to raise $3000 to cover vinyl pressing costs for the album. The first single Turpentine goes online next Tuesday. 

Meanwhile, you can catch Morris on Saturday at The Dungeon in Adamstown.