SIMON WALKER puts doing his tax return into universal perspective

COSMIC TRUTHS: An infinite universe is not a claimable deduction for tax purposes, but in the bigger picture it can't be written off.
COSMIC TRUTHS: An infinite universe is not a claimable deduction for tax purposes, but in the bigger picture it can't be written off.

Staring at the universe really puts things into perspective but I’m not sure it helps get my tax done.

Watching ABC’s much improved Stargazing Live special this year I was gobsmacked to be reminded we are surrounded by at least 2 billion galaxies no less.

For a “one sun, open to the idea of life on other planets, but  still struggling to get my return done” kind of guy, it’s a lot to take in.

Particularly when the ATO deadline is looming.

I say much improved because I thought the chemistry between hosts Julia Zemiro and Brian Cox last year was slightly frosty.

Possibly something to do with standing outside in the middle of Australia in the middle of the night in the middle of winter talking up how much fun star-gazing is.

Which it is, if you’re cozy and it’s not cloudy.  But they weren’t and it was, and lord knows how challenging it is to make astronomy sound interesting under those conditions.

This year they warmed to the task and I think it had a lot to do with being inside.

Not that the lord gets much of a mention in such scientific productions,  but who hasn’t stared up at the heavens from time to time and uttered the word  “Gawd”.

Could be the awesome wonder. Could be the cold. Could be my accountant emailing me again about my tax.

Good on the ABC for trying to popularise science, though.

Time will tell if they’re onto anything, and based on Julia and Brian’s musings, you’d think time is something we have plenty of.

Scientists are now predicting with some predictability, that the universe was created a couple of billion years ago, and if things continue at the rate they are going, will reliably end in a couple of billion years more.

Not sure if that increases the need to get on to all those things I’ve been putting off, or just hang in there until tomorrow.

Not that I have an unlimited supply of those, according to my CPA.

Death and taxes define us all, and how you feel about that depends if you’re a glass half full or half empty or  lets have another round type of person. It’s all relative in the end, which ain’t much help if you don’t know what it’s relative to.

Which gets us back to the universe.

“Tomorrow” is purely an earthly inspired concept based on the fact we’re rolling over and over as we spin  around one sun. Imagine if there were two suns.

When would my tax return be due then?

So much going on, so blinded to the things that really matter.

A wise man once said that history happens  now, and by then we’ve already missed what we’ve been looking forward to.

Puts the entire mindfulness movement in question, I’d say.

And although it’s important we live in the now and don’t sweat the small stuff, it takes a bit of perspiration  to stay cool.

So I’ll put things in perspective by making  tax returns the centre of my universe today and hopefully it’s not light years away from the truth tomorrow.

That way it will be past.