Short Takes June 9 2018: readers have their say on the day’s news

MARK HUGHES, thank you legend for making my little girl's day. Mark's beanie fundraiser tour stopped in at St Josephs College Lochinvar on Wednesday and a selfie with Hughesy made for the highlight of my daughter's day. If effort to find a cure counts MH I reckon you're owed one on true grit alone. Thoughts and prayers are with you great Knight! 

Garry Blair, Maitland

LINDSAY Young (Letters 7/6) I don't how old you are, but obviously you have not got a clue about the union movement. Nobody would have anywhere near the working conditions or remuneration they have now if not for unions. It sounds like you have to take whatever the boss gives you. You mention only 12 per cent of people are in unions these days, and look at the state of the country. There in itself is the problem: nobody standing up against the power these days. When was your last pay rise?

Graeme Bennett, Warners Bay

I AM getting sick and tired of people allowing their dogs to do their business in my front yard.  It is not a dog toilet.  Clean up your dogs' mess - it's not my job!

Ronelle Moon, Thornton

I AM writing to confirm Steven Smith's correction of my letter regarding the transporting of raw materials to the Boolaroo smelter (Letters 6/6) and to thank him for jogging my diminished memory. I believe that the material shipped from the Electrolytic Zinc Company (EZ) in Risdon was certainly not concentrates but rather waste material from the ore leaching process used in the electrolytic production of zinc. I believe this material was used over a relatively short period sometime in the 1970s and was introduced into the sinter plant as a cheap source of low grade raw material. Another error that I would like to correct is my statement that the Sulphide Corporation started in 1893 when it actually started in 1897.

Neville Jensen, Rathmines

I AM very disappointed in the lack of positive progress regarding the Newcastle Maritime Museum (“Maritime collection locked up", Herald 7/6). Alan Morris and his volunteers’ dedication has been ignored and buried. My thoughts go to comparisons with Fort Scratchley and how the Newcastle Maritime Museum has been treated since the separation of these two identities. No word from the lord mayor, Newcastle City Council, Scot MacDonald or Michael Cassel. Do they care? Is there community concern, a public meeting? Any suggestions for saving our valuable, irreplaceable marine heritage? Come on New-ca-stle and its Herald.

Elaine Street, Merewether

HERE we go again. Business and industry leaders telling us we can't afford to give the lowest paid workers too big a wage increase as it will damage the economy and cost jobs (“Lowest-paid workers get $24 more a week”, Herald 2/6). This is the same response they have come up with every year since the annual national wage increase was introduced. What makes these statements harder to take, is the fact that it is highly likely the people making them are probably on a six figure salary themselves.

Ross Nelson, Birmingham Gardens


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