Jack Murphy, 14, has been remembered in a moving funeral service at Sacred Heart Cathedral in Newcastle

JACK Lavin Murphy has been remembered as a spirited and fearless scooter star, who cared deeply for others and packed a lifetime of adventures into 14 years.

Hundreds attended a music-filled celebration of Jack’s life on Friday at Sacred Heart Cathedral, where they filled the pews and aisles and spilled outside the church.

Jack’s older sister, Aimee, said he was her inspiration to live life with no regrets.

“He lived his life to the fullest and touched so many people during his time here with us,” she said.

“Jack was not only my younger brother, he was also my best friend.

“He was more than I could ever ask for and my life has been forever changed by his presence. 

“He never failed to make anyone laugh with his witty jokes and impressions and looked for positives in everything he did.

“He was truly one of a kind.

“We’ll miss the brother, the son and the boy who tested the limits, who brought home the trophies, who befriended and defended anyone and everyone he crossed paths with.”

He lived his life to the fullest and touched so many people during his time here with us.

Aimee Murphy

Jack, who was in year nine at San Clemente High, died from a heart defect on June 2.

His parents Siobhan and Robert asked attendees to wear bright colours and bring their scooters in a tribute to their friend’s passion: Jack was ranked 11th for his age category in Australia and sponsored by Parrey Skate Park in Cardiff, where he taught twice a week.

His friends carried his beloved scooter and Australian Scooter Association medals to the front of the church, along with items including his boxing gloves, quad bike helmet, primary school yearbook and cap.

“I learned early on that Jack was much larger than life,” Aimee said.

“He was invincible, nothing could stop him.

“He could do anything, performing so many daredevil tricks and never failing to accomplish what he had set out to do.

“When he split his head open [while riding a BMX bike]… he was almost delighted to add another Harry Potter scar to his growing collection he began at such a young age. 

“His determination, bravery, love and courage are attributes Jack was prided on.” 

Year coordinator Patrick Doyle, pulling on a cap in honour of Jack, said the teen was hard-working, respectful, well mannered, admired and always put others before himself.

“He always wore a smile and a cheeky grin and won you over immediately,” he said.

“Jack, you have enriched all of our lives.

“I know you are up in heaven on your scooter, doing bar rewinds, flips and tailwhips and putting on a show for all.”

Principal Scott Donohoe said the presence of so many students and staff was a “testament to the enormous impact Jack had on others”. 

San Clemente suspended classes and reorganised its Friday timetable to allow all students who wanted to be at Jack's funeral to attend.

He said the school shared the Murphys’ “enormous pain” of losing their “vibrant” son, who had “an energy for life that was infectious to those around him” and an “uncanny ability to connect with others”.  

“You will always be a part of the San Clemente school community.”