Meaning, discovery, growth and connection

Welcoming Well being: Year 9 students from Macquarie College hike through Kosciuszko National Park as part of their annual camp program. Photo: Macquarie College.
Welcoming Well being: Year 9 students from Macquarie College hike through Kosciuszko National Park as part of their annual camp program. Photo: Macquarie College.

When choosing a school it can be hard to know which school will bring out the best in your child and help them succeed in life. A good place to start is asking other people who have children attending a school and read through the school’s website.

An important step to learning more about a school is to attend one of their open days. With mid-year enrolment applications now open for students commencing 2019-2020, Macquarie College is holding an Open Day on Wednesday, June 13 for interested parents and students.

As one of the Hunter’s leading independent Christian schools, Macquarie College is well known for its holistic and integrated approach to education. Director of Wellbeing and Outdoor Education, Joshua Brown, said the school had a long standing reputation for promoting a well rounded view for students who can make their lives, and the world, a better place.

As with all facets of life, meaning provides a higher level of well being, and we try to provide meaning for students in all aspects of their learning.

Joshua Brown, Macquarie College Director of Well Being and Outdoor Education

“Macquarie College uses a well being model, similar to Dr Martin Seligman’s PERMA model, that focuses on meaning, discovery, growth and connection. At the heart of that is our strong christian values which allows students to realise their full potential both inside and outside the classroom,” he said. 

Mr Brown said for quality of life during school years and afterwards, balance is needed. “Quite often people give up their life balance in a quest for success however this can often result in the exact opposite happening. We deliver an experience for students that allows them to balance their education and academic success with the social, emotional and spiritual growth,” he said.

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The school accepts students from Pre-school through to Year 12, and focuses on how individuals learn while helping students realise what outcomes and goals they have along with how to achieve them. Academic education is just a small part of the integrated approach which also boasts strong sports and fitness performance along with an insightful arts program.

Outside the classroom there are many activities for students to get involved in. Students from Year 5 to Year 11 are provided amazing outdoor and urban experiences, which encourage autonomy and intuitive thinking. Year 9 students take part in an annual Kosciuszko camping trip which has been such a success for Macquarie College that the concept has been implemented into several other schools.

Students in Year 12 are able to participate in a trip to Vanuatu to spend time in the local Olwi village where they run kids clubs, assist with building projects, and provide teaching resources. 

Mr Brown said unique experiences the school provides on and off campus, along with their focus on wellbeing, allows Macquarie College to help students realise their full potential.