Short Takes June 11: readers have their say on the day’s news

BRAD Hill (Short Takes 7/6): please cite your sources that a wind turbine will never generate as much energy as was used to make it. A throwaway line by a right wing shock jock, politician or bloke at the pub isn’t an acceptable source.

Sean Farnham, Kurri Kurri

LACHLAN Wetherall (Short Takes 8/6): my mind does boggle at the naivety of some people, for the lack of other words. My argument is that from the energy used from spade in the ground to production, a wind turbine will never in its lifetime produce this amount of energy. Any lack of common sense should not alter this fact.

Brad Hill, Singleton

AT a cinema this week I went to purchase tickets using one of their gift vouchers, only to be told it had expired (my fault). I was told that I could go back to the place of purchase for a refund of the unused amount, but as it was a gift from some time ago that is not an option. On the other hand, a rival cinema has removed the expiry on their gift cards.

Robert Gibson, Charlestown

WHY don't you people outside abortion clinics think about the lady going in? Don't you think she has enough stress in her life at the moment without you people giving her a hard time? So please, would you all just go away and let people get on with their lives?

Barry Spaulding, Cardiff

JUST wondering when the Knights will catch up with the real world and stop having cheerleaders at their games, as Formula 1 has done? Seriously. They add nothing to the game, and I’m sure most females don’t want them there. It’s inappropriate.  

Matt Ophir, Charlestown

PLEASE, Newcastle City Council can we have Lake Macquarie's bin recycling plan? My red bin is almost empty every week but my green bin can't cope. 

Ann Ellis. Merewether

SO very sad to see such a talented young man’s life cut so short (“Goodbye to treasured son”, Herald 9/6). From what we can see though, Jack, you made a massive impact on the lives of others, and for the good. My son admired your talent from afar. My thoughts are with family and friends. May you all be able to get through this sad and difficult time. 

Kathy Saunders, Woodberry

RIP Jack Murphy (“Goodbye to treasured son”, Herald 9/6). My son was touched by your kind nature the first week of starting at San Clemente and not knowing anyone. He was lucky enough to call you his mate and is very sadden by your passing. Sending love to Jack’s family. 

Naomi Ailwood, Warabrook

THAT’S the thing with Australia (“Mega-region dream has Hollywood feel”, Topics 7/6). Either our cities just grow up or they keep spreading out, and most likely they head up the coast rather than inland. Eventually, in about 100 years or so or maybe more, I expect most of the east coast to be a very large stretch of connected towns only separated by council borders, much like our present city suburbs. 

Lucas Neil, Jesmond


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