Short Takes June 12 2018: readers have their say on the day’s news

SO the saga continues regarding the old tip at north Stockton. Hunter Water and Crown Lands squabbling about who is responsible for what are like kids in the playground. How about we reach a consensus about what needs to be done and get on with it? As for the EPA and Crown Lands "developing" a response, that’s laughable. Congrats to Tim Crakanthorp for not using it as another photo opportunity.

Tony Morley, Waratah

THE council have made secret arrangements around Supercars (“V8s race deed kept secret”, Herald 9/6). So much for open and transparent council. What’s to hide?

John Hudson, Newcastle East

TO HAVE not planned for any parking and/or loading zones outside light rail affected business premises within a three-block radius (“Parking ‘reality’ sinks in for traders”, Herald 9/6) is ludicrous. Retailers need to restock and what about future renovations and maintenance of these properties? Where do the tradespeople park? There are operational costs to these businesses and premises that clearly have not been considered here. It appears to me that the council's care factor is zero and the state government's is even less. It makes functioning day to day extremely difficult.

Leanne Wood, Hamilton

I THINK council chief executive Jeremy Bath and the lord mayor’s comments (“Parking ‘reality’ sinks in for traders”, Herald 9/6) are a bit rich considering they are moving to a new location with its own six-storey car park. This, despite the fact it is across the road from Wickham station. I believe it speaks volumes about hypocrisy from both the council and the state government. The commercial reality is that no cars means no business. That’s the Newcastle they’re building.

Joel Gribble, Fern Bay

MULTIPLE coal plants fail at same time and Tomago Aluminum blames renewables (“Grid crisis”, 9/6)? It’s about time they start taking responsibility for their own power security and stop asking taxpayers to pay for a new coal plant just for them. Build your own, buy one or build a gas peak plant for energy security. It seems to me that you want other companies or the government to take the risk of your massive energy demands. Yes, you pay tax and employ many people, but so do all other businesses. This doesn’t make you special. 

Peter Davies, Charlestown  

REGARDING the story (“Return to port for subs meeting”, Herald 8/6), as a sonar operator from 1961 to 1973 I chased a lot you blokes around that deep blue ocean on many occasion. Remember what you are missing not being at sea anymore.  

Bruce Fitzgerald, Woodrising

AS A public transport/cycling type of guy, I was devastated when the car lobby rallied to have the rail line shut and they closed my local rail station at Wickham. Now I am happy that Gladys has built me a new interchange station 50 metres from my old station and a tram system to put the icing on the cake --- not everyone is unhappy!

Alan Hamilton, Hamilton East


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