Novocastrians are using a mobile app to snap, send and solve problems around Newcastle

Novocastrians are taking to digital technology to help clean up the city’s streets.

Reports to Newcastle City Council via the Snap Send Solve app about graffiti in 2018 have almost trippled on last year’s figures. 

But it’s not just scrawls of paint that residents are helping to remove – dodgy parking has also come into the lens of eager reporters.

As of late May, 102 graffiti complaints had been made through the app so far in 2018, a sharp increase from just 36 in all of 2017. 

Illegal parking had 90 reports in the first five months of 2018, on track to double the 99 from last year.

Snap Send Solve is a free mobile app which allows users to snap an issue and send it to the local authorities, who can then work to have the issue solved. 

It eliminates the task of contacting authorities over the phone. The app boasts over 20,000 users nationally. 

Newcastle City Council had received 324 Snap Send Solve reports in 2018 at the May count, which will be an increase on 396 in 2017 and 204 in 2016.