Bad Pony back in the saddle after dark period inspired Deficiency

GIDDY UP: Sydney five-piece Bad Pony possess a unique percussion section, with up to four members providing beats.
GIDDY UP: Sydney five-piece Bad Pony possess a unique percussion section, with up to four members providing beats.

IT has been one hell of a fortnight for Bad Pony frontman Jarred Young.

Early last year he was stuck in a “grim” job, broke up with his girlfriend of six years, his family moved out of Sydney, and then his cat died.

“It was a lot to take on over a couple of weeks,” Young recalled this week.

However, the experience inspired a darker and more visceral energy which Young channeled into his songwriting. A year later the result was Bad Pony’s long-awaited second EP Deficiency.

Compared to Bad Pony’s 2015 debut EP Limbo, Deficiency is packed with meaty riffs like Royal Blood and Young’s vocal has become less soulful and more gritty.

“The beginning of last year was quite a rough time for myself,” Young said. “A lot of the darkness came through in what we were writing, lyrically and in terms of style.

“It’s all pretty dark, gritty, heavy and a lot more yelly than the previous stuff. It’s nice to put all of that in a little box on the shelf and say goodbye to the dark times.”

Life is definitely brighter for the Sydney five-piece. Confidence is high after a successful debut at South By South West in Texas. 

Bad Pony - Half Blood

Bad Pony have also mastered their complicated percussion section, which involves Young playing snare, hi-hat, and floor toms while guitarist Sam Thomlinson hits the bass drum.

Up to four members of the band can be playing percussion at once through sample pads and tambourine. It’s created a sound and visual that’s unique to Bad Pony.

“While we were trying to find a drummer, Sam, our guitarist, just started playing kick drums, to keep us in time,” Young said.

“I put down my acoustic guitar, because I was dreadful at it, and started playing a floor tom. This was just while we were trialing drummers and we tried three over the space of two months, and in that two months we built my little set up.

“By the time we got to the third drummer, there wasn’t really any point. We could play these songs and it wasn’t as tedious as when we first started doing it.

“We just kept going without a real drummer and I think it’s effected how we write our drum parts.”

Bad Pony play the Cambridge Hotel on June 22.