Short Takes June 14 2018: readers have their say on the day’s news

WHEN will Newcastle Councillors question the manner in which previous councillors were asked to vote on the Supercars service deed? At this stage, I believe councillors’ silence sends the message that this kind of secrecy (“V8s race deed kept secret”, Herald 9/6). is okay at Newcastle City Council.

John Bisegna, Newcastle East

IT WOULDN’T be hard to change the name from the Fernleigh Track to Fearnley Track. After all, Kurt has really been a great ambassador for Australia and Newcastle

Rob Bernasconi, Rankin Park

WE WERE promised a footpath in 1986. However we got trees that drop their leaves and now have bats that poo everywhere and have tics. The trees have seeds and they are slippery when wet. How many times do people have to slip on them? They go for pipes, rip up the ground and the driveway. Not to mention the holes they leave. Little children and adults fall in them. When will Newcastle City Council do something, or does it take someone to be seriously hurt?

Amanda Johnstone, Mayfield

TOO right Janice Armstrong (Letters 9/6). We are too tolerant of excuse-making, weeping losers who can’t handle the truth. Ignore them and let them drown in their dribble.

Steve Barnett, Fingal Bay

WHAT an amazing article by Phillip O’Neill stating that gatekeepers should have directed voters in the Brexit referendum (“Britain’s gatekeepers missing in action”, Opinion 11/6). Last time I checked the UK is still a democracy. A referendum was held and the majority voted to leave the European Union. The Prime Minister supported the “remain” side, so I presume he was a gatekeeper. The gatekeepers, according to quoted book How Democracies Die, should steer the nation through exuberance from left and right and haul their idiot mates back to the sensible centre. Presumably the “idiots” referred to in this passage are those who voted leave. Why have democracy when you only need gatekeepers? 

Anthony Hall, Cooks Hill

CONGRATULATIONS to Rique Smith winning the Over 35s division at the 25th anniversary surfing contest named in his father Col's honour. Rique travelled from the other side of the country to be here for the weekend contest.

Diana Taaffe, Belmont North

HAVING read Hilton Grugeon's suggestion regarding Testers Hollow (“My way for a new highway”, Herald 11/6),I must say it has merit. I believe it also has a possible conflict of interest for Mr Grugeon involving the land rezoning given he is a developer. I wonder if there ought to be a disclosure to this effect contained in reports.

Stephen Kuehn, Williamtown

SO YET another container ship has struck trouble losing a lot of its cargo (“Container accident stacked to history”, Topics 11/6). In the case of YM Efficiency, perhaps it should be given a new name.

Daphne Hughes, Kahibah


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