Short Takes June 15 2018: readers have their say on the day’s news

LINDSAY Young (Letters, 7/6): negotiations have more than likely been going on for quite a while between Downer and the workers. Strike action is not what the union or their member want and is the last resort to be taken. Workers rights, conditions and awards must be protected.

Jim Jenkins, Waratah West

GOLLY, how gullible does the council think we are? We were promised 230 new trees after they cut down 170 for the juggernaut that is Supercars. Now it is reported they have planted ONLY 55 Norfolk pines in the Shortland Lawn area, but the Mayor says once mature these trees will give twenty times more shade than the previous trees. Is this is again the council “spin doctors” trying to justify their actions?

John Fear, Newcastle East

JOHN Howard was the worst prime minister we have had. He squandered the royalties from the mining boom when Australia’s finances could have been boosted, and he destroyed our education system by funding private schools with public money.

John McLennan, Charlestown

MOBILITY scooters. People say they go too fast around shopping centres. I’ve noticed a car driver needs a seat belt, motorcycle riders wear helmets and push bike riders need helmets, so why shouldn’t a mobility scooter user have to wear a helmet for safety when they are riding on the roads?

Alan Ackroyd, Hamilton

I, ALONG with many other ratepayers, look forward to reading in the pages of this paper the outcome of the lord mayor’s inquiry into the Supercars services deed debacle (‘Race deed kept secret’, Herald, 9/6). I perused the Newcastle council website to see if such an inquiry was underway, but alas I could not find anything. However I did note on the website, under “our responsibilities”, open and transparent governance appears to be highly regarded as a principled way of operating for the lord mayor and councillors. On behalf of Newcastle ratepayers – bring on the inquiry.

Jackie Furey, Newcastle East

I THINK Bill Shorten was right on Q&A when he said aged care may need a royal commission—but not because we don’t know that is broken and failing, but because all the regulations and systems in place now that should pick up on the failings are not doing the job. It may seem an unnecessary expense, but as with the banking and child abuse commission it appears that putting the facts out in the open is the only way governments can be shamed into doing the job they are supposed to be doing.

Allan Earl, Thornton

LAKE Macquarie City Council never ceases to amaze me. Now they are considering paid parking in larger towns like Toronto and Warners Bay (‘Park plan response mixed’, Herald, 13/6). It’s to benefit the public mind you, not for raising revenue. What a laugh!

Julie Robinson, Cardiff


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