Floods in the Hunter could be on the way

Animal Instinct: This ant nest at Kurri Kurri signals that floods are on the way. Keep the brollies, raincoats and sandbags handy.
Animal Instinct: This ant nest at Kurri Kurri signals that floods are on the way. Keep the brollies, raincoats and sandbags handy.

Floods could be on the way, if the natural weather barometer of an army of ants at Kurri Kurri is to be believed.

Col Maybury sent us this photo of an ant nest with heightened walls.

“It looks as if the ants around Kurri Kurri are preparing for flooding rains by heightening their nest walls,” Col said.

“The entrance can quickly be closed.”

We asked Col when we could expect a flood.

“I am not good at speaking ant, but I would say in the next two weeks,” he said.

“But I have been wrong before – 1958 I think it was.”

It’s A Sign

Ian King, of Warners Bay, has recently returned from a trip to the Gold Coast.

“I saw a couple of humorous signs you might like to share with readers,” Ian said.

One was at an antique store at Tamborine Mountain in the Gold Coast hinterland.

“Browsers welcome. Browsers with cash very welcome,” it said.

The other sign was at a pet food and supplies business at Tweed Heads.

“Feel free to bring your pets inside with you if they are kept under control and the same goes for your kids,” it said.

Pretty in Pink

Fashion is changing among tradies.

Fashion is changing among tradies.

If you see tradies wearing pink on Friday in Newcastle, there’s a good reason for it.

These tradies are tired of being the target of wolf whistles. They’re taking a stand.

They want everyone to know that sexism is wrong and gender neutrality is cool. Plus, they reckon pink is the new black.

Just kidding. These pink-wearing papas are getting behind a campaign called Tradies Support the Ladies.

The aim is to start a conversation about the role men can play to help promote and support breast cancer awareness.

The men will wear pink shirts to work on Friday. If they feel like wearing pink on other days too, that’s OK.

No one will judge them.  

In Newcastle, you can buy pink tradie shirts from Hip Pocket Workwear & Safety in Wallsend and Maitland, with the Cancer Council NSW to benefit.

Bach and AC/DC in the Dark

We once went on the Disneyland ride, Space Mountain.

It’s a roller coaster in the dark. Great for adrenaline junkies. 

Those who like a more peaceful existence might prefer Bach in the Dark.

This event, to be held in Newcastle on Friday, features the selected works of Johann Sebastian Bach in complete darkness.

The idea intrigued us, so we played some Bach and put a blindfold on.

We also tried it with a bit of AC/DC: “Cos I’m TNT, I’m Dynamite”.

It’s true, a bit of sensory deprivation does help you focus more on the music.

The event will be held at Adamstown Uniting Church on Friday. Get tickets at trybooking.com.