Jurassic World: The fallen kingdom at the Reptile Park on the Central Coast

Amongst the forests of the Central Coast, deep in the hollows of a den, lies a pack of fearsome creatures. To some they may look like cute and cuddly dingo puppies, but to the creative team at The Australian Reptile Park, it was clear these beasts were of a dinosaur scale.

The five-week-old dingo puppies feature in a new parody film trailer for the upcoming release of Jurassic World: Fallen Kingdom.

It turns out dinosaurs, dingo puppies and Chris Pratt are a winning combination, because the short video has been watched more than 267, 000 times

“The moment the video landed on my desk I knew it was destined to go viral,” Tim Faulkner of The Australian Reptile Park said.

“More importantly it raises awareness of the gorgeous dingo population and even if it stops one person from thinking negatively about the dingo population, then I’m happy.”

The park is now campaigning on social media to get the stars of the film, especially Chris Pratt, to watch the short piece. Maybe the stars will even drop by to meet some of the animals known for their prehistoric ancestors such as the saltwater crocodile or the Komodo dragon.  

Jurassic World: Fallen Kingdom opens in cinemas on June 21.


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