NSW Government had used the NDIS as an excuse to privatise and close down all state disability services, MP Kate Washington says

Kate Washington.

Kate Washington.

MANY people with disabilities, their families, and their carers are falling through “obvious and widening gaps” following the “full privatisation” of all government-run disability services, MP Kate Washington says.

The acting Shadow Minister for Disability Services said the NSW Government had used the roll out of the National Disability Insurance Scheme (NDIS) as an excuse to privatise and close down all state disability services.

“No other state has followed suit because of the impact on people with disability who are not eligible for NDIS plans, or those who are waiting for a plan or those who cannot access the basic supports they need from private providers,” Ms Washington said.

“As of Sunday, there are no disability services being delivered by our state government, and vulnerable people are suffering as a result.”

Ms Washington said it was estimated that more than 80 per cent of people with disability in NSW would not be eligible for NDIS plans.

She said NSW Minister for Disability Services, Ray Williams, was now the “Minister for No Disability Services.”

“Now that NSW no longer provides disability services, it begs the question, why do we have a Minister for Disability Services? What does he actually do?” she said.

“The Minister for No Disability Services has been crowing about the NDIS rollout, but many people with disabilities, their families and carers are breaking under the strain of a system that has too many gaps.

“The sector is in crisis.

“Services are closing, early intervention support groups are winding up, funding is being slashed, people with complex and profound disabilities are being evicted from their homes, and dodgy service providers are making a buck on the back of the most vulnerable.

“The NDIS is too important not to get right.”