Lingard Private Hospital first site in Australia to offer ARTIS Pheno angiography imaging system

A NEW $1.8 million medical imaging system that can help patients regardless of their size or fragility is the latest addition to the Hunter’s growing collection of cutting edge technology.

Lingard Private Hospital is the first clinical site in Australia to offer the ARTIS Pheno – an imaging system that allows surgeons to observe arteries, veins and organs during technically-challenging procedures.

The hospital unveiled the equipment at the opening of its new theatre complex on Wednesday.

Vascular surgeon, Dr Nicole Organ, described the technology as an x-ray machine that “does everything” within an operating theatre.

“It does x-rays, angiography – which is imaging of arteries, as well as CT scans,” Dr Organ said. “So you can do an operation, and also do all the x-rays you need at the same time.

“It will help patients get the best result with the minimum number of trips to the operating theatre.”

She said its image quality would also give her further confidence to tackle more advanced and difficult aneurysms.

Lingard Private Hospital chief Warwick Crosby said they had invested in the technology because the system’s image guidance could make complex treatments – such as cardiovascular surgery – much safer and more efficient for both patients and surgeons.

Lingard was the first NSW facility outside of Sydney to offer minimally invasive robot-assisted surgeries via the da Vinci XI system.

The robot, worth close to $4 million, was installed in October 2016. The hospital also invested in a Mako Orthopaedic robotic system, to assist with hip and knee joint replacement surgeries, worth $1.7 million.