PETA calls for Civic Theatre to go meat-free for Peppa Pig

Newcastle City Council chief executive Jeremy Bath has said a PETA letter sent to the Civic Theatre this week “goes straight in the bin”, adding that Novocastrians have “a low threshold for political stunts”.

The letter, addressed to former Civic Theatre manager Vanessa Hutchins, called for meat products to be stricken from the menu while the theatre hosts Peppa Pig’s Surprise on Monday.

“It's a publicity stunt, pure and simple, and as such, the request goes straight into the bin,” Mr Bath said.

“A quick Google search reveals that PETA is sending the same letter to any venue that hosts the Peppa Pig's Surprise live show during its tour of Australia.”

Novocastrians have a low threshold for political stunts, especially when they try to involve children.

Jeremy Bath

I am however happy to give PETA some free advice. That is make sure you address the letter to a person who works at the venue. Vanessa Hutchins left the Civic Theatre three months ago.”   

The animal rights group said on Thursday it had sent a letter addressed to theatre manager Vanessa Hutchins urging her to shift the venue to a vegetarian diet until the show was over, “or even better, for good”.  

“Peppa’s story is that of a little pig with a big personality, but all pigs have personalities,” the letter from the group’s head of campaigns, Mimi Bekhechi, said. 

“You may just find that visitor numbers increase when news of the change gets out.”

PETA offered to supply vegan ham or sausages for the show’s opening. 

"Many of the young children who will cheer for Peppa would be horrified to learn that ham and sausages are made from pigs like her," says PETA spokeswoman Emily Rice.

"Peppa shows others that she's not a piece of bacon or a ham sandwich but rather an individual with emotions and the ability to feel joy. What better way to honour the live show's message than by serving vegan meals?"