Short Takes July 9 2018: readers have their say on the day’s news

WHEN possible I swim throughout all the year.  I have coped getting changed in public when the dressing rooms were closed and not included in the upgrade, but now the outdoor shower has been fenced off  for two days without any work commencing. Nobbys Beach facilities are now completely nonexistent which is a disgrace to an iconic beach and tourist location.  

Geoffrey Clark, The Hill

NOT content with cutting our rail line, Gladys Berejiklian privatised our public bus services.  Even with the new timetables announced, commuting times are longer, elderly people are expected to traverse long distances to reach a bus stop and in many cases endure more than one change of bus when before privatisation this was not the case.  How is this world class transport? The light rail not going along the heavy rail line at Newcastle East is also ludicrous.

Susie Johnson, Adamstown

PERSONALLY I am in favour of a full public register to stop foreign interference in Australian politics. A register that exposes the allegiance of those who work for foreign powers including any politicians, political parties, universities, offshore companies, government agencies, charities or multinational corporations. To water down any public register would be a breach by politicians of our national security.       

Maureen O'Sullivan Davidson, Swansea

PETER Devey (Letters 30/6) regarding Tim Roberts’ column (“Renewables must replace coal as energy bedrock”, Opinion 25/6)  was in my opinion composed with sarcasm and some condescending language. My texts to the Herald are always tongue in cheek. I'm just glad Dad is overseas, because if he had read this text, I'd be getting a stern lecture on why the ice caps are melting and why we had to move out of Merewether: because it will be underwater in 85 years.

Bryn Roberts, New Lambton

I HAVE a friend just diagnosed with mesothelioma allegedly caused by exposure to potting mix, a surprise even to hospital staff. He starts chemotherapy next week.

John McLennan, Charlestown

SO IN Phoenix, Arizona, a 92-year-old woman has shot dead her 72-year-old son (Odd Spot, 5/7). It is reported that she had two hand-guns secreted in her coat pockets and had intended shooting her daughter-in-law but instead killed her son.  What hope is there for America when something like this can happen? I look forward to the response of our local Trump/NRA cheer squad.

John Ure, Mount Hutton

HOW arrogant can a Catholic priest be?

Bill Slicer, Tighes Hill


CESSNOCK Prostate Cancer Support Group will meet July 26 at Cessnock Leagues Club. Guest speakers are Nancy Consoli and Tracy Scott, prostate cancer specialist nurses at the Calvary Mater Hospital, providing information on how to contact them when first diagnosed, during treatment and at the conclusion of treatment. All are welcome. Cost is free. Call Barry on 0457 073 852 or Rose on 4990 4554 for more information.