Short Takes July 10 2018: readers have their say on the day’s news

I KNOW the Knights medical staff are probably the best in the business. But two high-profile signings with a history of knee problems now on the sidelines for extended periods, I’m curious: does this come into account during contract negotiations?

Grant Conway, Lambton

WE DECIDE who comes here – and you’ll spend five years on Manus if you do. But if you’re religious and convicted of protecting a paedophile, you might be sentenced to home detention on full pay.  Mr Turnbull, which is a God Fearing national response?

Andrew Spannenberg, Mayfield

TIM Flannery (“Climate science and charities under attack”, Opinion 5/7) claims that doubt cast upon climate change science is an attack on democracy. Well,Tim, in a democratic society I think a simple butcher has the right to dismiss a fool’s opinion no matter their level of education. 2020 is around the corner and Sydney will run out of water, you claim. Well my knee has been aching a bit - based on that I reckon there’s rain coming, and my knee doesn’t rely on grants to function.

Steve Barnett, Fingal Bay

IN REPLY to David Stuart's comment on the cuts to penalty rates (Short Takes 6/7): Mr Stuart states that the Fair Work Commission made the decision to lower some penalty rates. If Mr Stuart would care to read what the Commission can and can't do, he would discover that the Commission can only make recommendations to the government and they are not obligated to set the recommendation into legislation. I stand to be corrected but I believe not one member of the Turnbull government voted against this recommendation. I think the ACTU is quite correct to throw this wage cut right back at Turnbull and the government (“ACTU blasts penalty cut”, Herald 2/7).

Les Baldwin, Pelican

IN REPLY to Joan Browning (Letters 6/7) you cannot deny that the Supercars event was successful and it showcased Newcastle to the world. Your spin on Destination NSW’s figures is the fourth that I’ve received.

Mark Creek, Adamstown

I DO not know or have ever met Deb Rowe (“Police pioneer retires but still a force to be reckoned with”, Herald 6/7) but it is very clear she is a very special, impressive person who is devoted to her career choice and wishing to continue to contribute to the community in her retirement on a voluntary basis. Very inspirational indeed. Great work Deb and all the best for the future.

Steve Fernie, Maryland

IF PROFESSOR Tim Flannery (“Climate science and charities under attack”, Opinion 5/7) expects to win hearts and minds by calling people bullies and backwards looking he may find that he does more harm than good to his cause. Science does not unify communities, no matter how logical scientists believe their data to be. Politics and the law are frustrating at times, but meaningful change never happened with everyone jumping on one particular bandwagon. Good negotiators are required now for appropriate action.

Scott Cooper-Johnston, Newcastle