Opinion | Connecting the Hunter – Future transport infrastructure

CATCHING UP: Transport infrastructure in focus.
CATCHING UP: Transport infrastructure in focus.

The Hunter’s transport infrastructure has been in the news. The Port of Newcastle seeks ‘containerisation’ capability. Newcastle Airport proposes infrastructure to enable international routes.

The 2018 NSW budget allocated a record $87 billion to infrastructure for the next four years. Spending is concentrated on improving intra-urban connectivity in Sydney, such as between Sydney’s CBD and its growing Western suburbs. The Hunter’s share of this funding was ‘light on’ according to local media.  Important projects with long-term implications appear to have been overlooked.

Transport infrastructure is an issue globally.  The industry is not evolving fast enough to meet changing needs, according to 70 per cent of major global infrastructure (US$100 million+) developers surveyed by AECOM.

Are the key issues funding, planning, delivery, intermodal connections or what?  More specifically, which projects are critical to the Hunter’s ability to connect to international markets? These issues are addressed at the HRF Centre’s July Hunter economic breakfast.  

Dr Anthea Bill, Lead Economist, HRF Centre