A jury member deliberating on the case of Dr Jeremy Coleman has complained of being bullied.

A jury member who is deliberating in the case of Dr Jeremy Coleman in Newcastle District Court has complained of being bullied. 

District court judge Penny Hock told jurors on Monday that they needed to respect each others’ opinions after she received a note which read “The bullying needs to stop. I will not be rushed. I need to be comfortable to make the right decision.” 

The jury is considering 66 counts of sexual and indecent assault against the well-known general physician, allergy and immunology specialist involving 45 woman.

Dr Coleman, 64, has pleaded not guilty and argued the examinations he conducted were for a proper medical purpose. 

Judge Hock said the note was of concern.

She cautioned the jurors, who have been deliberating for six days, against pressuring each other.

“Tensions sometimes arise,” she said.

“Jurors have a responsibility to listen to the views of each other...calm and objective discussion often leads to a better understanding of the situation.” 

“You must make your decision only on the evidence.” 

The 10 month trial is the longest in Newcastle history.