Newcastle gig guide July 12 to 17

GIG OF THE WEEK: From left, Josh Pyke, Phil Jamieson, Tim Rogers and Chris Cheney reunite to perform The Beatles' iconic White Album on Tuesday at the Civic Theatre.
GIG OF THE WEEK: From left, Josh Pyke, Phil Jamieson, Tim Rogers and Chris Cheney reunite to perform The Beatles' iconic White Album on Tuesday at the Civic Theatre.


5 Sawyers Thursday, Truman Smith Band, Jono B Smith. Friday, DJ Perry Carter. Saturday, DJ Standing Ovation. Sunday, Howard Shearman Duo.

Anchorage Port Stephens Sunday, James Naldo.

Anna Bay Tavern Saturday, Alias.

Australia Hotel Cessnock Saturday, Kelly Hope.

Avon Valley Inn Saturday, Siren.

Bar Petite Saturday, Scott Day-Vee.

Battlesticks Bar Thursday, Lachlan Edwards. Friday, Audie Franks. Saturday, Jade Lee Wright. Sunday, Scott Day-Vee.

Bellbird Hotel Friday, DJ Savage.

Belmont 16s Friday, Nightmoves, Matt Semmens. Saturday, Roy Orbison Reborn ft. Dean Bourne, Cruzers, The Andy Show. Sunday, Bloom.

Belmore Hotel Saturday, Xyz.

Beresfield Bowling Club Friday, Overload. Saturday, Solid Gold Party. Sunday, Red Dirt Country Club.

Blackbutt Hotel Friday, Paparazzi.

The Bradford Friday, Burn N Carrot. Saturday, Outlaw Avenue.

Cambridge Hotel Saturday, Alex The Astronaut, Grace Turner (glasshouse), Rathead, Jack Harlon & TDC, Rort Menace, Obat Batuk (warehouse). Sunday, Young Monks, Dyer Maker, Rum Jungle.

Cardiff RSL Club Friday, Ashley Knight. Saturday, State FX.

Carrington Place Thursday, Frenchman Street Jazz Band. Friday, Lili Crane.

Catho Pub Saturday, James Naldo. Sunday, Christie Lamb.

Caves Beachside Hotel Friday, Alias. Saturday, Paparazzi. 

Central Charlestown Leagues Club Friday, Beth Gleeson. Saturday, Matt Gaudry.

Central Hotel Stroud Saturday, Greg Bryce Band.

Cessnock Leagues Club Saturday, Iguana.

Chelmsford Hotel Friday, Karen O'Shea.

Civic Theatre Thursday, Musica Viva: Joyce Yang. Tuesday, The White Album ft. Chris Cheney, Phil Jamieson, Tim Rogers & Josh Pyke.

Clarendon Hotel Friday, Tim Broadway.

Club Kotara Saturday, Loose Bazooka.

Club Lemon Tree Friday, Pistol Pete. Saturday, Jon Matthews.

Club Maitland City Friday, Kaylah Anne.

Colliery Inn Friday, Pete Gelzinnis. Sunday, Mick Jones.

Commercial Hotel Boolaroo Friday, Layth Gunn.

Commercial Hotel Morpeth Friday, Chris Unicomb. Saturday, Murray Byfield.

Criterion Hotel Carrington Sunday, Joel Oakhill.

Criterion Hotel Weston Saturday, Code Red.

Croatian Wickham Sports Club Sunday, Electric Boogie.

Crown & Anchor Hotel Saturday, Hayden Johns, DJ Alessandro.

Customs House Friday, Jackson Halliday. Saturday, Zachary Israel. Sunday, Ashley Knight.

Cypress Lakes Saturday, Bobby C.

D'Albora Marina Saturday, Roxy. Sunday, Matt McLaren.

Denman Hotel Sunday, Bob Allan.

Duke Of Wellington Friday, Matt McLaren. Saturday, Frick N Orson.

East Cessnock Bowling Club Thursday, Snowy Robson. Friday, Andrew G. Saturday, Hendo.

East Maitland Bowling Club Friday, The Remedy Trio. Saturday, Pocket Aces. Sunday, Andrew G.

Edgeworth Bowling Club Friday, Loose Bazooka.

Edgeworth Tavern Friday, Crawfish Stew Band. Saturday, Maryanne Rex Duo.

Erringhi Hotel Saturday, The Hitpit.

Exchange Hotel Saturday, Loko. Sunday, Love That Hat.

Family Hotel Maitland Saturday, Pete Hibbert.

Finnegans Saturday, Zannon & MC Kidd Kaos.

Gallipoli Legion Club Sunday, Marriah.

Gateshead Tavern Friday, The Way. Sunday, Gareth Jay.

George Tavern Friday, Todd Schmoo. Saturday, Chad Shuttleworth Duo.

Grand Hotel Tuesday, Fabro, Botting, Flower Together.

Great Northern Hotel Teralba Friday, Joel Oakhill.

Greta Workers Club Friday, 2 Left Feet.

Gunyah Hotel Saturday, The Search Party.

Hamilton Station Hotel Thursday, Inertia, Skyepaint, Bares. Saturday, Belle Haven, Casey (UK), Stateside, Elk Locker. Sunday, Basil's Kite, Shysters, Giant Clam, Future Corpse.

Harrigan’s Pokolbin Friday, Zane Penn Duo.

Hexham Bowling Club Friday, 2GoodReasons. Saturday, Backbeat Duo.

Holmesville Hotel Friday, Ryan Daley.

Honeysuckle Hotel Friday, The Search Party. Saturday, Hummingbirds. Sunday, Phonic.

Hotel Cessnock Friday, Shawn Lidster.

Hotel Delany Friday, Anyerin.

Hotel Jesmond Friday, Chad Shuttleworth Duo.

Imperial Hotel Singleton Saturday, The Trade-ins.

Jewells Tavern Saturday, Phonic Duo.

Kent Hotel Friday, Code Red.

King Street Hotel Saturday, Rojdar.

Lake Macquarie Tavern Friday, Tom Christie.

Lake Macquarie Yacht Club Sunday, Howard Shearman.

Lakeside Village Tavern Saturday, 24 Hours.

Lambton Park Hotel Friday, Holly Mae.

Lass O’Gowrie Thursday, Negium, DJ Lili Joy, Kato, Plane Face. Friday, Just Breathe, Atlas in the Attic. Saturday, Hobo Magic, Breizers, Papaya Tree, Just Breathe, Demi Mitchell, Dank Hank & The Hot Ones.

Lizotte’s Thursday, Mario Millo Band. Friday, The Cyril B. Bunter Band, Fiona Boyes.

Lochinvar Hotel Saturday, Marissa.

Lucky Hotel Friday, Bobby C. Saturday, The Gleesons. Sunday, Bonny Rai.

Mark Hotel Friday, James Naldo.

Mary Ellen Friday, Love That Hat. Saturday, Wild Oats. Sunday, Josh G.

Maryland Tavern Saturday, The Levymen.

Mavericks On The Bay Friday, Darren Gould. Saturday, Matt McLaren. Sunday, Zane Penn. 

Mavericks On Darby Friday, Deuce.

Mayfield Ex-Services Friday, Emily Smith. Saturday, The Bad And The Ugly.

Metropolitan Hotel Maitland Sunday, Melbourne Street.

Mezz Bar at Wallsend Diggers Friday, Dirty Deeds AC/DC Show. Saturday, GenR8. Sunday, Todd Schmoo.

Morisset Country Club Sunday, Cotton Sax and Strings.

Murray’s Brewery Saturday, Scott Day-Vee. Sunday, Daryl Aberhart Trio.

Nag’s Head Hotel Saturday, Joel Procter.

Neath Hotel Saturday, Darren Rolling Keys.

Nelson Bay Diggers Friday, Phonic Trio. Saturday, 2GoodReasons. Sunday, Anyerin.

Nelson Bay Golf Club Saturday, Anyerin.

Newcastle Cruising Yacht Club Friday, Jessica Cain. Sunday, The Years.

Northern Star Hotel Friday, John Larder. Saturday, Mark Wood. Saturday, Josh Callaway.

Pedens Cessnock Saturday, Shivoo.

Pelican RSL Saturday, Shooting Molly.

Pippis At The Point Friday, Jordan Fleming, Mick Jones. Saturday, Glen Harrison. Sunday, Kaylah Anne.

Plough Inn Friday, Jayde Corner.

Potters Brewery Friday, Kevin O'Hara.

Premier Hotel Sunday, 24 Hours.

Queens Wharf Hotel Friday, Touch Sensitive, Hayden Johns. Saturday, Jessica Cain, The Big Bang. Sunday, Hummingbirds, Wharf Life.

Railway Hotel Cessnock Friday, Hendo.

Raymond Terrace Bowling Club Sunday, Boney Rivers.

Royal Federal Hotel Branxton Saturday, Evergreen.

Royal Motor Yacht Club Toronto Friday, Reggie Sinclair. Sunday, Sami Cooke.

Rutherford Hotel Saturday, Joel Oakhill.

Seabreeze Hotel Friday, Pocket Aces. Sunday, James Naldo.

Shenanigans at the Imperial Friday, Matt Gaudry. Saturday, Echo.

Shoal Bay Country Club Friday, Scott Day-Vee. Saturday, Crawfish Stew.

Shortland Hotel Friday, Mardy Leith. Saturday, Zane Penn.

Small Ballroom Saturday, Peekay, Rinse & Wax, Special K, Jackson Blanch.

Soldiers Point Bowling Club Friday, Rendezvous.

Spinning Wheel Hotel Friday, Joel Procter.

Stag and Hunter Hotel Friday, PJ O’Brien Band. Saturday, Cat Canteri & The Hipster Proof Fence, Steel City Sue. Sunday, Matty T Wall.

Stockton Bowling Club Friday, Dynamite. Sunday, Jim Overend.

Stockton RSL Club Saturday, Peter Stefanson.

Swansea Hotel Friday, Chris Saxby. Saturday, City Beats. Sunday, Crawfish Stew.

Swansea RSL Club Saturday, The Way.

Swansea Workers Club Saturday, Chris Unicomb.

Tea Gardens Country Club Saturday, Replay.

Tea Gardens Hotel Saturday, Tyler John.

Tilligerry RSL Friday, Acoustic Mayhem. Saturday, Reggie Sinclair.

Toronto Diggers Saturday, 40 Up Club.

Toronto Hotel Friday, City Beats. Sunday, Greg Bryce.

Toronto Workers Saturday, The Flattrakkers.

Town Hall Hotel Saturday, Kevin O’Hara.

Victoria Hotel Hinton Saturday, Pistol Pete. Sunday, Roxy.

Wangi Wangi RSL Club Saturday, Tapestry – Carol King tribute show. 

Warners At The Bay Friday, Roxy. Saturday, Jackson Broadway.

Warners Bay Hotel Saturday, Gen-X.​

Wests Cardiff Saturday, The Years.

Wests New Lambton Thursday, Angamus. Friday, Mark Wells Duo. Saturday, The Remedy Trio. Sunday, Bay City Rollers (UK). Tuesday, Angamus.

Wests NEX Friday, Daniel Arvidson. Saturday, Dr. Zoom Duo. Sunday, Lah Lah’s Big Live Band.

West Wallsend Workers Club Friday, Big Pete.

Wickham Park Hotel Friday, DV8. Saturday, Sound of Sunday, The Ride Ons. Sunday, Mick n Josh.

Windale Gateshead Bowling Club Friday, Daxton Monaghan.

Windsor Castle Hotel Saturday, Ryan Daley.


Adrift (M) A young woman sails into the eye of a hurricane to save the man she loves.

Ant-Man and The Wasp (PG) As Scott Lang balances being both a Super Hero and a father, Hope van Dyne and Dr. Hank Pym present an urgent new mission that finds the Ant-Man fighting alongside The Wasp to uncover secrets from their past. 

Back To Burgundy (M) After a 10 year absence, Jean returns to his hometown when his father falls ill. Reuniting with his sister Juliette and his brother Jérémie, they have to re-build their relationship and trust as a family again. (Tower)

Beast (CTC) A troubled woman living in an isolated community finds herself pulled between the control of her oppressive family and the allure of a secretive outsider suspected of a series of brutal murders. (Tower)

Deadpool 2 (MA) When a super soldier arrives on a murderous mission, Deadpool is forced to think about friendship, family and what it really means to be a hero - all while kicking 50 shades of ass. (Event, Glendale)

Disobedience (MA) A woman returns to her Orthodox Jewish home after the death of her rabbi father and stirs up controversy when she shows an interest in an old childhood friend. (Tower) 

Finding Your Feet (PG) On the eve of retirement a middle class, judgmental snob discovers her husband has been having an affair with her best friend and is forced into exile with her bohemian sister who lives on an impoverished inner-city council estate. (Lake Cinema)

Funny Cow (CTC) A comedian uses her troubled past as material for her stand-up routine, trying to rise up through the comedy circuit by playing Northern England's working men's clubs. (Tower)

Hereditary (MA) When Ellen, the matriarch of the Graham family, passes away, her daughter's family begins to unravel cryptic and increasingly terrifying secrets about their ancestry. (Event, Glendale)

Hotel Transylvania 3: A Monster Vacation (G) Mavis surprises Dracula with a family voyage on a luxury monster cruise ship so he can take a vacation from providing everyone else's vacation at the hotel.

Jurassic World: Fallen Kingdom (M) It's been four years since Jurassic World was destroyed by dinosaurs. Isla Nublar now sits abandoned by humans while the surviving dinosaurs fend for themselves.

Mary Shelley (CTC) While staying in the home of Lord Byron at Lake Geneva, the guests are challenged to write a ghost story, which leads Mary Shelley to conceive her classic novel, Frankenstein. (Tower)

McKellen: Playing the Part (CTC) Feature documentary on the life and work of Sir Ian McKellen. (Tower)

Muse: Drones World Tour (M) Muse, the world renowned multi-platinum selling and multi-award winning band, embarked on their ambitious Drones World Tour in 2015-16, playing over 130 dates across the globe. (Tower)

Normandy Nude (M) The charming town of Mêle-sur-Sarthe in Normandy, is in economic crisis. Until a famous American photographer passes through and asks the townsfolk to all pose naked. (Tower)

Ocean’s 8 (M) Debbie Ocean gathers a crew to attempt an impossible heist at New York City's yearly Met Gala.

On Chesil Beach (CTC) A drama set in the early 1960s and centered on a young couple on their honeymoon. (Tower)

Overboard (PG) A spoiled, wealthy yacht owner is thrown overboard and becomes the target of revenge from his mistreated employee.

Show Dogs (PG) Max, a macho, solitary Rottweiler police dog is ordered to go undercover as a primped show dog in a prestigious Dog Show, along with his human partner, to avert a disaster from happening.

Sicario: Day of the Soldado (MA) The drug war on the US-Mexico border has escalated as the cartels have begun trafficking terrorists across the US border. To fight the war, federal agent Matt Graver re-teams with the mercurial Alejandro.

Skyscraper (M) Former FBI Hostage Rescue Team leader and US war veteran Will Ford now assesses security for skyscrapers. On assignment in China he finds the tallest, safest building in the world suddenly ablaze, and he's been framed for it.

Tag (M) A small group of former classmates organize an elaborate, annual game of tag that requires some to travel all over the country.

The Guernsey Literary & Potato Peel Pie Society (M) A writer forms an unexpected bond with the residents of Guernsey Island in the aftermath of World War II when she decides to write a book about their experiences during the war. (Lake Cinema)

The Incredibles 2 (PG) Bob Parr is left to care for Jack-Jack while Helen is out saving the world.

The Leisure Seeker (M) Helen Mirren and Donald Sutherland star as a runaway couple going on an unforgettable journey in the faithful old RV they call The Leisure Seeker.


Burlesque The Circus Adults-only show with an engaging mix of burlesque, dancers and circus acts. Birdcage Burlesque & Circus Avalon, at Lizotte’s. Saturday, dinner from 6pm, show at 8.30pm.

Disney’s Aladdin Jr Musical version of the classic story about a street boy who falls in love with a beautiful princess and is helped by a genie. Hunter Drama at Maitland Town Hall, Thursday at 2pm and 7pm. Cessnock Performing Arts Centre, Friday, July 20, at 7pm; Saturday, July 21, at 2pm and 7pm.

Disney on Ice - 100 Years of Magic Show marking the centenary of Walt Disney’s career as a commercial illustrator, with 30 songs and 55 characters from animated films. Feld Entertainment, at Newcastle Entertainment Centre. Friday, at 3pm and 7pm; Saturday and Sunday at 10am, 1.30pm and 5.30pm.

The Girl With The Golden Locks Family show by American playwright Brian D. Taylor, with fairy tale characters as secret service agents and the suspicious characters they are investigating. Maitland Repertory Theatre, Friday and Saturday at 7pm, until July 28, plus 2pm Saturday and Sunday until July 22.

I Hope It’s Not Raining in London Two people trapped in a room piece together memories from their lives; moving and amusing new play by Newcastle’s Nicholas Thoroughgood, with different actors at each performance. Bearfoot Theatre, at Tantrum Studio, Merewether. Daily at 2pm and 7pm from Wednesday to July 21.

Mister Maker Returns The title character is joined onstage by his side-kicks, the Shapes, and Mr Maker dancers, with young audience members participating. Live Nation & NAB, at the Civic Theatre. Thursday, at 11am.

Peepshow The lives of seven people living in an apartment building, including two pairs of lovers, two female friends seeking relationships, and a lone man, become intertwined in Isabel Wright’s comedy. Newcastle Theatre Company, Lambton. Saturday, at 8pm, and Sunday, at 2pm; then Wednesday, Friday and Saturday at 2pm, until July 28.

Pete the Sheep A new sheep shearer in Shaggy Gully has a sheep as his assistant, rather than a sheep dog, upsetting other shearers; musical adaptation of the book by Jackie French and Bruce Whatley. Upstage Youth Theatre, at Blackett’s Barn, Tocal Homestead, Paterson. Thursday and Friday, at 11am and 2pm.

Pinocchio Musical adaptation by Novocastrians William Ford and Glenda Price of Carlo Collodi’s novel about a wooden puppet who becomes a live person. Young People’s Theatre, at its Hamilton theatre. Thursday and Friday, at 11am; 2pm Saturday until August 18, 7pm Saturday shows on July 14 and 2pm Sunday until August 12.